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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Giveaways Ending TOMORROW! And a WARNING!

I'm choosing winners for 5 of the giveaways tomorrow! Being a pastor's wife I probably won't get to it until the evening since I won't be available to draw winners. Getting three kids and myself ready in the morning is quite a challenge, I know you understand! So be watching your inbox/spam folder tomorrow night in case you WIN!!!

The giveaways I'll be choosing winners for tomorrow are:

-Brown Belly
-Glass Cat
-Refreshing Designs
-Twisted Decadence

If you haven't entered them yet... ENTER NOW! Links are in the left sidebar under "Current Giveaways".

So now... the warning-

I am currently checking everyone's entries to make sure no one is lying and gaining additional entries without doing the work. If you say you are following me and you are not EVERY entry of yours is going to be deleted.

If it is an honest mistake then you'll have to re-enter and make sure you're doing what you need to for extra entries. I can understand if someone is entering the giveaways as fast as they can and they forget to click "Follow". Simply come back and re-enter, no harm done!

I don't condone lying. I feel like it is stealing- it is stealing my time by having to go through and delete your entries one-by-one and you're stealing from my sponsors. I don't think people realize just how time-consuming a review/giveaway blog is for the blogger. It is like having a full-time job. Please don't make a bigger mess for me to clean up.

My number one rule is to BE HONEST! You will be found out if you're not. I will be diligent to check entries. I am so ashamed by how many entries I'm having to delete because people are not being honest. Wonder if you're one of them? Simply check the comments of a giveaway you know you entered. If you're still there then you're good!

Sorry to be so harsh but I take great pride in this blog and how much it has grown in only 2 months. I want to have trustworthy followers and I want to be seen as trustworthy as well. Thank you all for understanding!

***Note: you must follow publicly (as in I can see you're following me via your profile)!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Information on Following GGG

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a fun, lazy Saturday. I know I am!

I just wanted to say a quick HELLO and also to ask that if you follow the blog and use it as an extra entry into giveaways it MUST be public. If you follow privately please know you cannot take that additional entry into the giveaways. I welcome ALL followers. Just need to clarify that public followers gain the extra entry.

So this morning I watched a ton of cartoons with my daughters. We're all still in our pajamas. It is dark, cold and dreary out. Just enjoying "hibernating" today! My husband just put in Last of the Mohicans. Anyone else like that movie? Can't say I'm a fan!

Tell me what you're up to today!

*I will be posting a new giveaway on Monday so keep checking back!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Grabbing Buttons

I've been asked about how to grab a button or what a button means! A button is a way of advertisement for blogs. By grabbing a blogger's button you are showing your support for the blog, drawing more readers to a blog so their stats increase thus bigger and better prizes can be given away. It's just a nice way of saying, "Hey I like your blog and want to promote you! Thank you for having giveaways for us!" You can see that I have many "Giveaway Blogs" on my left sidebar. I support those blogs and I also enter their giveaways. As my thanks to them for hosting giveaways I enjoy promoting them!

Most buttons are a clickable picture that links to a specific blog. In my case my main button (purple fairy one) leads people to the home page of Girly Girl Giveaways when someone clicks on it from another website or blog. The Green Girly Goodies button leads people to the page that specifically talks about what the event is all about so people are made aware of the event!

So now that you know what a button is, how do you use it? You can put the button(s) anywhere you can place HTML codes. On your blog you would choose an HTML widget to place the button. Most people place buttons on their sidebar on their blog. Other places to place a button would be MySpace or Facebook! Etsy does not currently allow HTML codes in shop announcements (such a bummer!).

I do not know how it works on Wordpress but on Blogger you would:
-Go to Dashboard
-Click on Layout
-Click Add a Gadget
-Choose the HTML/Javascript gadget
-Paste the code


Recap- a button is a clickable link to a blog or specific website page. You can copy and paste the code that you find under the button and put it anyplace you can enter HTML.

So don't forget to grab the Green Girly Goodies button for extra entries when the event begins! You'll get 3 extra entries for grabbing it BEFORE the event begins and just one extra entry for grabbing it after the event begins. You MUST leave a comment here if you grab the button before the event starts as proof you grabbed it. More entries = higher chance of winning! I am keeping a list and will check.

I used THIS site to create my own buttons if you wish to learn to make one for yourself. You don't have to be a giveaway blog to have a button. Having a button for just a regular, personal blog is great, too!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Warning! Giveaways ending tomorrow!

Don't forget to enter to win your child their own VITAL ID; great for wearing to the park, the mall, on a fieldtrip, while on vacation, in an airport, etc. Basically anywhere your child could get lost! It has their vital information right there so they can find you fast. As I type this both of my older girls are wearing theirs, even though we're at home, because they LOVE their bracelets.

And don't forget you could win two pairs of WASHABLE NURSING PADS of your choice! Win them for yourself, for your sister, for a friend... whoever is nursing and needs 'em! This is a HOT item and is an Editor's Pick from

Because I don't always get on the computer at the same time every day I will choose a winner some time before noon. Sorry I cannot be more specific! I have babies and need to care for them before getting online. Thank you for understanding!!!

*You'll know a giveaway is closed by the huge, red "CLOSED" at the very top with the winner's name.*

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Entry Method!

I have just installed a FeedBurner to the blog! I will admit I am NOT a tech-savvy person whatsoever. I've been trying to figure it out for the past hour, among some other technical things. You'll notice to the right that you can now subscribe to the blog via Email! If you prefer to receive notifications from me via email please subscribe.

You can subscribe via a feed or email to earn additional entries.

Subscribing earns you two additional entries into every giveaway on the blog! So please feel free to use the links in the left sidebar (where I've listed all the current giveaways) and go ahead and add yourself again twice. Make sure you provide an email to contact you by if you are a winner (either in your profile or comments).

If you subscribe via bloglines, AOL or another feedburner you may also gain two additional entries to each giveaway. The subscription link to those is on the right hand sidebar under my BlogFrog application.

I will be adding this new entry feature on all new giveaways from here on out!

Good luck and happy entering! The more entries you have the higher your odds of winning.

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