Sunday, August 19, 2018

Rebels Refinery Capital Vices Skill Lip Balm Review

Rebels Refinery is the latest line of natural skincare and I am in love, not only with their products but their cool packaging. It reminds me of products that would have been sold by an apothecary in the 1800's. It's a little dark and ultra hip. The line was created by three male friends who wanted products with clean ingredients that looked good on there countertops. While the line was created to be unisex it does have a look and feel that I think men will gravitate towards. I was sent a Capital Vices Skull Lip Balm for review. 

The top of this skull twists off to reveal a minty lip balm that is refreshing and leaves your lips feeling super smooth. I am a fan of things that are little weird and macabre so I adore this and I am eager to show it off. 

You can find Rebels Refinery products at your local Target store. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer Essentials

I live inland southern California. It's hot right now! How hot? It was 108 today! It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Summer is not my favorite season and currently it is my worst enemy. I am sweaty, my hair is a mess and my makeup seems to be melting off my face. Anyone else feeling my pain? Than I have three products to share with you to help get you through this summer heat. Well, maybe four...why don't you go grab an ice cold fruity cocktail while you sit back and read my post. 

Let's start with some sweat, come on ladies we all do it. In this kind of weather there is no way not to, but there is a way to help hide it. 

Ban Purely Gentle Roll-on Deodorant will help you stay sweat and odor free all day long. Gentle for sensitive skin but tough on sweat, this unscented antiperspirant deodorant will help you get through the day without you feeling insecure. I love how easily it rolls on and does not leave a residue under your arms. Feeling confident when the weather is making you feel icky is a great thing. You can purchase this deodorant in a 2pk. on Amazon

Moving on to your face, how can it look good when your makeup is sliding right off it. No worries!

Erborian BB Creme is perfect for summer skin. Not only will it keep it moisturized but it adds a matte finish to your complexion, smooths, it and reduces the appearance of blemishes. You won't have to worry about looking all shiny, and you can use it in place of your foundation. Let's face it ladies, no one wants to wear foundation when it's hotter than H-E double toothpicks. I love how this stuff makes your skin feel velvety to the touch and keeps it shine free. You can purchase it at Sephora in your choice of 3 shades to match your skin tone. 

Finally something to tame your tresses, because this is not a dry heat I'm talking about. This is straight up humid like you just walked out of a steam bath weather. There's no better hair style for heat like this than a classic pony. 

The new Hair2Wear Clip-In Pony will help give you the perfect pony tail even if your hair is not quite long enough. This straight and voluminous hair piece will keep your hair off you neck so your neck stays cool. It is super easy to use. Just wrap it around your hair for a pony that is high, low or to the side. My hair is just about shoulder length and I tried this as a retro high pony and it looked so cute and natural. My husband asked me if I could wear it all the time. The dark brown with copper highlights shade matched my naturally dark brown hair perfectly. Now I can go from down to up-do anytime the weather calls. You can purchase yours at ULTA

Just 60 days before summer is over girls, but whose counting?

The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or PR company representing them. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by  anyone.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rituals Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review some of Rituals products thanks to Tryazon.

Here is a sneak peek of what was in my TryaBox.
Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel
Ritual of Sakura Body Cream

Ritual of Sakura Shower Oil
Ritual of Sakura Body Scrub
Rituals is a lifestyle brand that creates luxury products for your body and your home. From natural skin care to scented candles, they are encouraging ‘slow down’ moments for the mind, body, & soul. 

I received trial sizes of each of the items above and these were not enough! I loved each and every one of these products. They not only smell amazing but you can tell they are made from high quality ingredients. The Foaming Shower Gel was my favorite. It had a very light floral scent and really foamed up for a nice lather. The Body Cream was rich but did not leave an oily residue on my skin. It absorbed into a nice velvety finish. The Shower Oil was different than other body oils. It actually turns into a soft foam in the shower leaving your skin super soft. Finally the Body Scrub made with organic sugar for a nice exfoliating treatment is great for dry skin.

Here is a video about the Ritual of Sakura, Japans beloved cherry blossom. If you would like to purchase Rituals products or learn more visit the website here

The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by Tryazon. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by  anyone.

Monday, May 14, 2018

EQyss Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray Review

EQyss has been providing high quality equine and pet grooming products for over 20 years. Recently I was given the opportunity to review one of their pet products and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time. A few months ago we found this cutie at our local animal shelter. We had to bring him home with us. 

It was hard to believe that anyone would abandon this puppy at only a year old. He has a great personality, very loving and sweet, but we soon learned that the big guy had no prior training and no understanding of boundaries or house rules. He started with marking inside the house, ugh. Well, we quickly fixed that issue with some crate training. We also put him through some training and he quickly learned basic commands and has much better manners. Unfortunately the one thing that we were still having issues with was his chewing. Besides chewing on the cat, who I think secretly enjoys it, they are pretty much best buds. He has also chewed up our bed, some books, a few of my daughter's toys, vitamin bottles, a telephone, a remote control and pretty much anything he could get his teeth on when we were not looking. We were able fix the problem of chewing things inside the house because anytime we caught him in the act we would scold him and he quickly caught on. However outside is a different story. We have irrigation set up throughout our yard and Relic quickly learned how fun it was to chew up the irrigation lines. Since we are not always around outside with him to catch him in the act it was hard to keep him from doing this. My husband and I had spent a lot of time replacing irrigation lines and sprinklers only to have Relic chew them up a few days later. We tried burying them but that just became a game of hide and seek. We were pretty much at a loss of ideas until I received a bottle of EQyss Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray for review. 

This stuff has really saved us time and money. I started spraying it on the irrigation lines he had previously chewed and I am happy to say that Relic has finally learned to stop. It took a few times of me spraying this stuff and some loud "LEAVE IT's" but we can finally stop worrying about him chewing up our irrigation system. YAY! 

Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew Spray is safe to spray on pretty much anything you want to keep your pup from destroying with his teeth. It is even safe to use on household plants and vegetation. I have even found it keeps the bunnies from eating up my garden if I spray it along the border. The strong pepper smell keeps them away. Double YAY!

Chew Proof It! contains three ingredients, purified water, pepper extract and a bittering agent. The  pepper extract is really strong so I would suggest covering your nose and mouth when spraying it as you don't want to breathe in the stuff. Trust me, it will definitely make you cough. However once you spray it on whatever you need to keep safe the smell is not strong and you won't even notice it, fortunately your four legged friends will. 

I would definitely recommend purchasing this spray if you have a dog that is prone to chewing your valuables. It is well worth the $10 price tag. You can purchase this and other EQyss products online or check out their store locator to find a retailer near you. 

Be sure to like EQyss on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram

The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or PR company representing them. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by  anyone

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Real Time Pet Formula Review and Giveaway

Real Time has been providing alternative and holistic pain relief to their customers for 20 years. Their products are safe and effective and work fast to alleviate pain and discomfort from such ailments as arthritis, muscle soreness, foot pain and cramps. They have a variety of targeted pain relief products including a Real Time Pet Formula made especially for your four legged family member.

When I was approached to review Real Time Pet Formula I thought it couldn't have came at a better time. My family has been blessed to share our home with Timber, a large white German Shepherd that we have loved for the last 6 years.

He is a big guy, long-limbed, and recently we have started seeing him show signs of discomfort when getting up after long periods of laying down. He is a little slower and a bit wobbly at first. We have also seen him limping a bit. All of those things are often seen in German Shepherds who are prone to arthritis and inflammation of the joints as they age. Discomfort is usually found in their hips and elbows, and while Timber does not have full on arthritis as of now, we do see that he is displaying signs that he is a little uncomfortable at times. Poor guy.

Real Time Pet Formula is a spray that offers a gentle cooling sensation to soothe discomfort and pain that your pet may be having. It is safe and veterinarian recommended. Made with a blend of natural ingredients:

Arnica for relief of pain, soreness, stiffness, bruising and swelling.

Aloe Vera to soothe, and provide hydration and relive dryness and itching in skin.

Menthol, a natural analgesic.

Willow Bark which contains a chemical called salicin which works like aspirin.

Emu Oil, a great skin moisturizer that contains vitamins E and A.

It is simple to apply, you simply part the fur and spray directly on furry friends skin and relief is almost immediate. I have been using it on my big boy when he comes in from running around our large yard and wants to rest. He must like it because when I initially approached him with the bottle he would cower away. He now lays there and lets me spray and massage Real Time on him and even shows me his belly as approval to which I happily give him a few rubs and scratches.

You can win a bottle of Real Time Pet Formula! This giveaway is open to US residents. Please leave a valid email address if it is not visible in your profile.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Canvas Factory Review and Giveaway

I have a confession to make, I am a hoarder. I hoard pictures, pictures on my phone, pictures on my tablet, and more pictures on my computer. I even have a a folder on my computer titled Pictures to Develop. This is is where I stash all the photos I plan to have developed to fill up scrapbooks. Since giving birth to my daughter 10 years ago I have taken countless pictures, some terrible, some good, and some that really deserve more than just a small place in a dusty photo album. With Canvas Factory  you can make that gorgeous photo you took of that memorable time in your life and turn it into a work of art. They will take your prized image, print it on to durable canvas, than stretch or gallery wrap it onto a wooden frame, ready to display on your wall for all to see.

I was given the opportunity to create my very own canvas print using Canvas Factory's simple online service. You upload the image you would like printed, choose the size and shape of your canvas, submit your order and wait for your new wall decor to arrive on your front step. It's really that easy. So which one of my many pictures did I decide to choose for my very own canvas print? A picture of one of my husbands prized possessions of course, because that's what you do when you are a wife and a mom, think of your family first. Plus, Father's Day is coming up so I figured this would count as a gift...right? One of my husbands prized possessions happens to be his 1967 Cadillac.

Here is the same picture on canvas.

This is one of Canvas Factory's 16x20 prints. I couldn't get the image sized so it would fit completely on the canvas but I think it looks more artistic like this anyway. I also think the gallery wrap feature ups the quality on this canvas print. My husband was so excited to get this, yep I think Father's Day is covered. Speaking of Father's Day, Mother's Day is just around the corner and Canvas Factory's canvas prints would make a great gift for the special mom in your life. Do you have a photo of the family that needs to me memorialized for mom? Or maybe a photo of her favorite place, or flower. Hey you know your mom best I am sure you can come up with the perfect wall piece to gift her with.

....and now for something Canvas Factory would like to gift one Girly Girl reader with. One of you will win a gift code to use towards your very own canvas print. Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents. Please be sure to leave a valid email address in your comment so that I may contact you if you are the winner. 

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