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Hi there! I am Monica owner and one of the faces behind Girly Girl Giveaways. I have been blogging since 2008. Starting with my personal blog Life is sooo good... and than taking over Girly Girl in 2010. I live on the outskirts of Temecula, California with my husband, daughter, two furry pups and one terrorist of a cat. I enjoy learning about new products and sharing with all my Girly Girl readers and especially love hosting giveaways and giving you all the chance to win some great stuff! Aside from blogging I also love cooking, reading, traveling and things from days past. You can also find me over at Sushi Tea & Me, my latest blogging project and check out my Instagram and Pinterest pages!

Hi there! I'm McKenna. I am a single mom of two little ones. I work as a preschool teacher full time and also work for DoorDash and UberEats in my spare kid-free time. So, I thought why not put more onto my plate and try out blogging! 😉 I love testing out new products and letting my friends and family know what I think about them so I figured this would be another great avenue to spread the word! I have a few hobbies that include all things beauty related, cooking, exercising ( even though I am definitely still a newbie!), and Pinterst-ing- is that a thing? I am so excited to be a part of the Girly Girl team and share my experiences with everyone! Check me out on Pinterest!

Hi I'm Katie! I am a wanderer currently exploring “stability” in my mid-30s. I am passionate about my career in early childcare and enjoy every aspect of working with infants in an amazing school here in Temecula. I have worked in childcare for more than 12 years, dabbling with personal training, bar-tending, hot air ballooning and shoe sales, among many others, in between.  I find myself outdoors when not at work, and love hiking the amazing ranges surrounding the Temecula Valley and throughout California. Having lived in Alaska for five years, my love of hiking grew to snowshoeing and cross country skiing. This year I am planning a summit of Mt. Whitney in the beginnings of preparing myself for an adventure on the PCT in a few years time. A few years ago I was diagnosed with  Lyme Disease and after exploring treatment options have been treating symptoms like chronic pain and brain fog with holistic means and a vegan lifestyle. As a newbie to this realm I have fun exploring new foods, remedies, and holistic methods. I am excited to be a part of the Girly Girl Giveaways team and hope to find gems for the adventurers in all of us!

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The types of items we test out, review and giveaway include but are not limited to: organic products, foods and goodies, toys, baby gear, baby and children clothing, women undergarments, jewelry, household products (cleaning), appliances, kitchenware, cookware, electronics, bath and beauty products, styling products, boutique items for children, etc.

There really isn't anything we won't try, test out and give an honest review about.
Please note that your contributions for a review are necessity. We cannot do a review for you without the item to review.  All reviews are honest and critical opinions based on experience with your company. The product itself is sent as a gesture of good faith from your company for doing the review for you. Receiving products does not affect our review of your product.
Some things we review include: the ease of browsing your website, the ease of checkout, your customer service (if needed), product quality, product longevity and overall experience.

We have worked with companies that are popular household names as well as business start ups and even Etsy designers. Our goal is to help you get your product name out there, big or small!


We promote blogs via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums, blog parties and blog link ups, word of mouth and anywhere else we can spread the news about our reviews and giveaways. 


The real passion behind this blog is how much we love to give stuff away! You may submit an item for review and it is your choice to offer a giveaway. It is the responsibility of the company to get the winnings sent to the winner. Shipping should be free; the winner shouldn’t have to pay anything for their winnings.

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Please note that Girly Girl Giveaways started on January 2, 2010 and stats continue to increase everyday.

As of  November, 2020 stats are as follows:

Blog Followers (Google):  1194
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