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The types of items we test out, review and giveaway include but are not limited to: organic products, foods and goodies, toys, baby gear, baby and children clothing, women undergarments, jewelry, household products (cleaning), appliances, kitchenware, cookware, electronics, bath and beauty products, styling products, boutique items for children, etc.

There really isn't anything we won't try, test out and give an honest review about.
Please note that your contributions for a review are necessity. I cannot do a review for you without the item to review. I do not receive or accept monetary contributions for reviews, whether I have the item or not. All reviews are my honest and critical opinion based on my experience with your company. The product itself is sent as a gesture of good faith from your company to me for doing the review for you. Receiving products does not affect my review of your product.
Some things I review include: the ease of browsing your website, the ease of checkout, your customer service (if needed), product quality, product longevity and overall experience.

We have worked with companies that are popular household names as well as business start ups and even Etsy designers. Our goal is to help you get your product name out there, big or small!


I promote blogs via Facebook, Twitter, forums, blog parties and blog link ups, word of mouth and anywhere else I can spread the news about my reviews and giveaways. 

The real passion behind this blog is how much I love to give stuff away! You may submit an item for review and it is your choice to offer a giveaway. It is the responsibility of the company to get the winnings sent to the winner. Shipping should be free; the winner shouldn’t have to pay anything for their winnings.

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Please note that Girly Girl Giveaways started on January 2, 2010 and stats continue to increase everyday.

As of  January, 2018 stats are as follows:

Blog Followers (Google):  1173
Twitter followers:  1177
Facebook followers: 1051

Please feel free to ask me any questions or to set up a review and giveaway click on CONTACT at the top of the page!

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