Saturday, March 6, 2010

Giveaways Ending TOMORROW! And a WARNING!

I'm choosing winners for 5 of the giveaways tomorrow! Being a pastor's wife I probably won't get to it until the evening since I won't be available to draw winners. Getting three kids and myself ready in the morning is quite a challenge, I know you understand! So be watching your inbox/spam folder tomorrow night in case you WIN!!!

The giveaways I'll be choosing winners for tomorrow are:

-Brown Belly
-Glass Cat
-Refreshing Designs
-Twisted Decadence

If you haven't entered them yet... ENTER NOW! Links are in the left sidebar under "Current Giveaways".

So now... the warning-

I am currently checking everyone's entries to make sure no one is lying and gaining additional entries without doing the work. If you say you are following me and you are not EVERY entry of yours is going to be deleted.

If it is an honest mistake then you'll have to re-enter and make sure you're doing what you need to for extra entries. I can understand if someone is entering the giveaways as fast as they can and they forget to click "Follow". Simply come back and re-enter, no harm done!

I don't condone lying. I feel like it is stealing- it is stealing my time by having to go through and delete your entries one-by-one and you're stealing from my sponsors. I don't think people realize just how time-consuming a review/giveaway blog is for the blogger. It is like having a full-time job. Please don't make a bigger mess for me to clean up.

My number one rule is to BE HONEST! You will be found out if you're not. I will be diligent to check entries. I am so ashamed by how many entries I'm having to delete because people are not being honest. Wonder if you're one of them? Simply check the comments of a giveaway you know you entered. If you're still there then you're good!

Sorry to be so harsh but I take great pride in this blog and how much it has grown in only 2 months. I want to have trustworthy followers and I want to be seen as trustworthy as well. Thank you all for understanding!

***Note: you must follow publicly (as in I can see you're following me via your profile)!

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