Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sainthood Herbs

Sainthood Herbs are one of the newest line of herbal supplements, but what makes them unique is they are designed to target specific health conditions. Based on your personal health goals you can chose from three specific target series; Boost, Solution, and Women.

The Boost series is designed to give you a little push in the right direction and an edge up on your health. Solution series are designed to offer support and relief to discomforts caused by certain health conditions. Women series are designed for relief of common women's health issues. Here is a list of the complete Sainthood Herbs lineup.

Boost – Mental AgilityContributes to healthy cognitive function
Enhances cognitive performance by improving working memory and supporting attention
Boost – Weight Management
Helps to promote optimal weight management when accompanied by diet and exercise
Solution – Blood Glucose
Helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels already in normal range
Helps to reduce the glycemic index of food*

Solution – Heart & LDL
Potent antioxidant support for optimal heart health
Helps to protect LDL from oxidation
Solution – Stress & Sleep
Helps reduce stress by inducing relaxation
Helps with occasional sleeping difficulties
Women – Menopause
Helps to reduce hot flashes, night sweats and associated menopausal issues
Supports menopausal hormonal balance
Women – Urinary Tract
Helps to support urinary tract health and function

I was given a choice of 2 Sainthood Herbs products to try out. Since I am currently trying to get healthier and lose some weight I chose Weight Management and Blood Glucose.

Weight Management is designed to help promote "weight management" when accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise. This is no miracle diet pill. Instead this is formulated with ingredients that are suppose to help keep your weight in check. Sainthood Herbs does not go into specifics about what this supplement should do but I have noticed that since I started taking these my appetite has decreased a little and I have more energy. I have also dropped a few pounds. Since I also started watching my eating a little more I can't really say that this product is the reason but I can say that it has given me a "boost" in the right direction.
Blood Glucose is supposed to help maintain blood glucose levels that are already in normal range. It is also supposed to help reduce the glycemic index in foods. I thought this would be a good pairing with Weight Management for those days when I couldn't resist those yummy high carb foods. You are supposed to take this with the largest meal of your day. Mine is typically dinner time.

All Sainthood Herbs products are natural, healthy, safe, non-GMO, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Sainthood Herbs can be purchased online and they are currently offering FREE Shipping from now until September 30th by using the code WOMEN2013 at checkout.


The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing them. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.

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