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Monday, March 22, 2010

CSN Stores- Father's Day Gift Guide

This June I'll be putting together my first installment of the Girly Girl Gift Guides- Father's Day Edition. One company that will be involved is CSN stores. CSN has over 200 online stores that carry everything from bedroom decor to tv stands to kitchen utensils and furniture! Someone is going to get to win an NFL mug for their father or husband this June.

Check out this amazing Girly Girl bed:

What is CSN? Here is their mission statement:

Our Mission To build a lasting organization that succeeds and grows by making online shopping rewarding for our customers, partners and employees

I look forward to making them part of the first installment of Girly Girl Gift Guides and I hope you like what they have to offer!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still here!

I have been a busy bee the past few days and have taken a break from blogging! But I'm still hard at work getting sponsors for even more fabulous and fantastic giveaways coming up very, very soon! Here's one fantastic sponsor that I think you guys are going to love: Imprecious!

My second oldest daughter is going to be celebrating her 3rd birthday on Wednesday and her party is in just two days. She got to go see Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy last night with her big sister, two cousins, uncle and dad (bless those men for taking the kids to such a crazy event!) as part of her birthday present.

I have tutus and fairy wings for party favors. I'll also be using my new Wilton Dimensional Cupcake pan to make my lovely little lady a huge cupcake for her party! We've tested this pan out a few times to make sure it would work before the party and the first couple of times it didn't work out so well. So I finally broke down and bought Baker's Joy baking spray (with flour). That worked like a charm and we had ourselves a perfect [and huge] cupcake! So I am going to enjoy giving one reader their own pan from Wilton during the month of May! I think you guys are really going to like it.

I also had her birthday invitations made at I used the code "newbaby" to get 50 free photo invitations! I even got to design them myself. I'm not sure if that code is still valid but definitely check it out. The quality is amazing! I ended up getting more invitations for big sister and baby sister (yes, my infant has her birthday invitations already for the end of October! Talk about thinking ahead!!!).

A fantastic Etsy shop contacted me and sent me a super cute shirt for Abigail to wear on her birthday. Go check them out if you've got a birthday coming up for your little prince or princess: Bloom ~N~ Bows. It is so incredibly cute and I've had to resist letting her wear it before the party because I want it clean for pictures!  

So I'm just rambling but wanted to let you guys know why I've been so quiet! Trying to get the house clean when I'm not entertaining kids, breaking up squabbles or nursing the baby. I'm sure most of you know how that goes!

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