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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Purpose Driven Beading

I've been made aware of Holly's journey to adopting her sweet baby girl from China several months ago and have been deeply moved to help support this family. The first little girl they've been fighting for to adopt recently passed away. While the family weeps for one life lost they are even more fervent to adopt another little girl and get her in her forever home as quickly as they can.

Unfortunately adoption is incredibly expensive. Instead of just asking for donations Holly uses her creativity and finesse to make the most beautiful beaded silverware to help raise funds! I just placed an order for my two older girls, hoping that what little I can give can help! My silverware arrived a couple weeks ago and I LOVE them! I almost couldn't wait until Christmas to give them to my girls but wait I must.

Holly is not taking anymore orders for beaded silverware but does have some beautiful Uganda Jewelry pieces for sale RIGHT NOW and they're going fast. Necklaces are $20, bracelets are $5 each and earrings are $5 each pair.

For information on Uganda Jewelry AND on how to purchase please visit Purpose Driven Life. Help Holly's family get a sweet little girl, Elaina, out of a Chinese orphanage and into a safe and loving home!

I am not affiliated with Holly or her blog. I made a purchase for beaded silverware a few weeks ago and feel passionately about helping her get to China to get her daughter. I hope you do, too! Please leave me a comment if you make a purchase or have any words of support for the family.

Joy is a stay-at-home-mom to three daughters. She is the wife of a worship leader & youth pastor. She runs her own Etsy shop selling handmade, hand-stamped sterling jewelry. Joy has taken courses in journalism, play writing, poetry, was in Honors English throughout school and has had small publications made of her work (mostly poetry).

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