Thursday, August 4, 2022

Pure Sky Window Cleaning Cloth Review

 If you are all about convenience while reducing waste then you need to check out Persik's Pure Sky cleaning products. Pure Sky cleaning products are designed to make your cleaning process easier and more efficient all while helping you save money and using less. Keep your home spotless with this cleaning collection which includes kitchen pads, multi-purpose gloves, cleaning cloths and also mop heads! 


I was sent a Pure Sky Window Glass Cleaning Cloth for review. This cleaning cloth is made with patented Ultra Micro Fibers allowing you to clean your windows and glass with just water. Really, no cleaning chemicals needed! I was a little hesitant about this at first.

There is no way my windows are going to get clean with only water, and if they do I am sure it will leave streaks. 

I was wrong! I wet the cloth and used it on one of my windows and it left the glass looking like new. I also tried it out on my bathroom mirror and again, sparkly clean. After you use your cloth to clean you simply rinse it off and store it for the next time. Previously I was using paper towels and cleaning detergents to wipe down my mirrors and windows. That's a lot of wasted paper! Pure Sky cleaning cloths are the better choice. 

You can get your hands on all of Persik's Pure Sky Cleaning collection on Amazon

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