Sunday, October 24, 2021

Smile Brilliant Plaque High Lighters Review


Recently I was given the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant's  new Plaque Highlighters. Plaque Highlighters are plaque disclosing tablets that will up your teeth brushing game by revealing the spots on your teeth that need some extra brushing. You chew one tablet for approximately 30 seconds, swishing it around in your mouth then spit and rinse with water for 10 seconds. The Plaque Highlighters technology contain a temporary pink dye that will light up to identify areas with plaque and tartar build up. Then all you do is brush it away till your teeth are squeaky clean. 

I was intrigued with these when I heard about them. Do they actually work? I was also concerned that the tablets would have bad taste, did they? The answers are yes and no. After my first try of chewing and swishing the tablet in my mouth until it dissolved I was surprised by how it turned the inside of my mouth pink. It mostly highlighted areas in between my teeth. I wasn't surprised about this since plaque does a great job of hiding in between spaces and grooves. The tablet itself did not have a bad taste. It was a little sweet with just a hint of an aftertaste that did not bother me at all. Now it was time to pull out my toothbrush and brush away all the pink from my mouth. It took a bit of brushing to get it all off and I was a little disappointed when I saw that now my toothbrush bristles were stained pink. However, this was just temporary and my teeth and toothbrush were left sparkly clean after using Plaque High Lighters. They also have a kids version of Plaque High Lighters that I think kiddos would have a lot of fun with. They come in berry blast flavor and safe for children 5 and up. Each package of Plaque High Lighters come  with 30 dissolvable tablets. Enjoy 25% off any set of plaque highlighters with code usfg25 online

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