Thursday, December 3, 2015

***Gift Idea*** GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set Review

Aromatherapy and essential oils are extremely popular as of late. People are looking at more natural holistic ways for the well being of their body and mind. While many oil diffusers available can be a little spend-y, I found one that is not only inexpensive but works great.

The GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set is the perfect intro to essential oils. It includes an oil diffuser that uses ultrasonic waves with water that produces a mist for aromatherapy, humidifying and purifying. It also includes two of the most widely used 100% natural essential oils; peppermint and lavender. Lavender is used for soothing and calming while peppermint is great for energizing and helping you feel refreshed. It also works wonders for congestion!

This oil diffuser is so simple to use. You just fill it with water, add a couple of drops of your desired oil and turn it on. It has two settings, the first is a continuous setting that will produce a mist for approximately 2 hours. The second setting will deliver a burst of mist every few minutes for approximately 5 hours. The top of the diffuser has a glow that alternates between colors that also makes the perfect mood light.

I really like the modern look of this diffuser and the fact that it takes up little space. My husband happened to be sick with a cold when I received this and I immediately started misting the peppermint oil. He was so impressed that it helped alleviate his congestion. He was just laying in bed taking deep breaths and enjoying the relaxation. I love the lavender oil when I am in bed winding down for sleep. It's like having your very own spa in your bedroom.

This set sells for only $19.99 at Walmart. It would make the perfect gift for any natural products and aromatherapy enthusiasts or you can pick one up for yourself to relieve some stress from all your Holiday shopping.

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  1. Hey,Gurunanda essential oil diffuser is worldwide famous.Diffuser containing gift set is amazing with peppermint and lavender scent.The function of the diffuser is easiest and price of the gift pack is affordable.Thanks

  2. Hiii..
    I have several diffuser and have one in just about all the main rooms in my house, a small mini one in the living room and larger ones in the bed room and the kids rooms. I got this one for my daughters room, not only are these great diffusers but I love how they act as lights for the kids also, they love the changing colors, it is also very quite so that is a good bonus.
    Thanks for sharing with us...


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