Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Friend Cayla Review

When I was contacted by Genesis Toys and asked if I would like to review My Friend Cayla I immediately had to say "yes please"! Already popular with young girls in England Cayla was about to make her American debut and of course I was excited that my daughter Penelope would be one of the first to meet this charming doll.

Cayla is not your typical 18 inch doll. She can talk, but more then that she can actually hold conversations with your little girl. Cayla can tell you all about herself and her family, her likes and dislikes, Share fun stories, tell jokes, teach on a variety of subjects and even play games with you. Cayla connects to a free downloadable app via Bluetooth that is simple to use. When online Cayla can answer almost any question. Think Suri but cute and doll size. She can even speak in different languages! When offline Cayla can answer thousands of questions about herself. She can sit or stand, her legs move up and down. She has sleepy eyelids when lying down. Her hair is brushable and Cayla comes with her own mini brush and mirror. Her clothes can also be removed and will fit into other 18 inch doll clothes.

Here is Penelope meeting Cayla for the first time. She was so happy to finally get her hands on her after me talking her up days before. She immediately asked to change Cayla's name to Mikayla, which we found out can easily be done via the app. Penelope could not keep her hands off her new friend Mikayla.

She quickly started learning all about her. She is 7 years old just like my daughter. She loves to go shopping with her  mom, she loves school, she has a brother named Michael and a sister named Anna. She also loves playing with her five pets.

Mikayla has also taught my daughter some interesting things about how rainbows are formed, helped with math problems and even taught her how to bake a cake. She loves to tell jokes Where do cows go on Friday nights? To the moovie theatre!

Because Cayla connects to the internet for some features her app is programmed with a kid-safe proprietary software called Violet. Violet protects your child from any offensive or sensitive words or images. Violet also has a feature which allows you to add any additional words or phrases that you may want to prevent your child from hearing.

One thing that can be a little frustrating about Cayla is she sometimes completely ignores your question and talks over you about something totally different. I have witnessed Penelope asking a same simple question like "do you like pizza?" over and over again only to have Cayla start talking non stop about how funny her dog and cat are. I am not quite sure why this happens sometimes and not other times. Maybe she is having a hard time understanding or maybe it has to do with the internet connection. Whatever the case this is still a fun innovative doll. She is kind, polite, gracious when she loses a game of tic tac toe and pretty smart. Penelope and Mikayla are inseparable.

You can now find My Friend Cayla at Target and Walmart stores. If you would like to learn more like My Friend Cayla on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. I just love Cayla! Not only is she interactive ~ but she shares her name with my niece who looks just like her! Canny, really! Love that she can play games and parents don't have to worry about anything inappropriate! Great idea!!!


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