Saturday, February 28, 2015

System Hinoki Review

If you are a follower of Girly Girl then I am sure you have heard my rant about my hair issues. For those of you that are new Girly Girl fans I will briefly let you in on my hair woes. For the last couple of years I have had a problem with my hair becoming gradually thinner. It is quite noticeable that I have thin hair. It is also fine and flat which only adds to my hair dilemma. I have tried several products and vitamins that are supposed to help with the problem but have yet to find a solution. My saving grace is a hair powder I use that fills in around my scalp to give the appearance of fuller hair. It actually works pretty great but of course I would like to find a solution to the problem and not just something that masks it. Several months ago I was contacted by the people over at Hayashi and asked if I would like to review their system for Fine and Thinning Hair.  Anytime I get the opportunity to try a product that claims to be able to help with my problem I jump at the chance. I was especially excited about trying System Hinoki because of the reviews and feedback I read after researching the product online.
System Hinoki is one of three hair systems by Hiyashi hair products. Their tagline is "To go above and beyond just colors and fragrances by creating products that actually solve problems."  Their products contain pure Hinoki oil from Japanese Hinoki trees. You can read bout Hinoki oil here

I was sent the System Hinoki 4-Step System for review and was asked to stop any other hair products and only use these for three months before writing my review. The 4-Step System includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Thickener and Hinoki Plus. All four products are designed to be used together to help with the problem of thinning hair. They have been formulated to promote healthy hair growth, revitalize the scalp  by stimulating hair follicles and also cleansing the scalp thoroughly to get rid of anything that may be inhibiting hair growth.

The shampoo lathered up well and also smelled nice and clean. It left my hair feeling thoroughly cleansed. The Conditioner was not too thick and rinsed out very easily. It left my hair feeling soft and not weighed down. I was impressed with the quality of just these two products, but wait there is more... Hinoki Plus is designed to be sprayed onto your roots and scalp and massaged in. You then rinse your hair. I kept these three products in my shower and used them everyday religiously. Finally the hair thickener, this is designed to be left in. I kept this on my bathroom counter and after showering would run some through my hair with a comb and then style my hair as usual. I was a little scared of this product initially because in the past leave in products tend to leave my hair oily and just leave it flatter then normal. This product did not do that. It actually helped me to achieve some much needed body with just my normal blowdrying routine. My husband even noticed that my hair had a little more lift to it and asked what I was doing different! Using these four products I actually achieved some much needed body to my hair, it also left it soft and manageable and smoothed down any flyaways.

Now for the big question...did I notice any hair growth? Unfortunately no. After trying so many products with no results I am starting to think my problem maybe caused by something medical. In fact I spoke with my doctor who suggested I see an endocrinologist or dermatologist that may help me figure out what is going on. This is my next step.

While System Hinoki did not work for me as I hoped I do realize that not everyone will have the same results. It may work wonders for one person and do nothing for another. The bottom line is every ones hair loss is different and there are many causes. I have read some great reviews on these products and in my opinion is worth the shot. Even if you do not see any hair growth I can attest that these are high quality products and aside from the thinning hair helped my hair look great.

The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or PR company representing them. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.

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