Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Okocat Natural Cat Litter Review

For over 25 years Healthy Pet has been offering pet owners a better choice in pet products. Their focus is on natural products that will not only keep your pet healthy but happy as well. They have several brands that cater to your pet needs, one of these brands is Okocat. Okocat offers cat litter that is made of natural plant fibers with no chemical additives. Okocat litter comes in 4 varieties; Natural Wood Clumping, Natural Wood Clumping for long hair breeds, Natural Wood Pine and Natural Paper Dust Free.

I was sent the Natural Wood Clumping litter for my 15 year old cat, Mr. Rat and I to review.

Our thoughts...

Mr. Rat says " Mreeeow, mreeeeeow meeeeep mrawww, meow". I will translate that for you...

Basically he used the litter box just like before. He did not have any issues with the sudden change of litter and he is pretty particular when it comes to his litter box and his food. He has been known to turn up his nose at both when he doesn't like them.  The litter is like tiny pieces of soft shaved wood. It actually absorbs quite well and clumps up and holds together making it easy to clean up. Okocat says that this particular litter has a 7 day odor control. That is pretty much accurate. I usually change out the entire little box once a week anyway so this works for me. Another thing that works for me, I have allergies and prior to using this litter they would start to act up every time I changed Mr. Rat's box. His previous clay litter would kick up a bunch of dust, Okocat does not. The one thing I did notice about this litter is that when dry it tends to cling to Mr. Rat's paws and in turn on the carpet. It does not leave a big mess and like I said these are pieces that have not been soiled so it is not that big of an issue. I simply vacuumed them up without a problem.

You can purchase Okocat litter online as well as Petsmart and Walmart stores.

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