Sunday, December 14, 2014

*Gift Idea- Spa Sonic Skin Care System Review

The Spa Sonic Skin Care System is 4 products in one. Unlike other some rotating brushes that require the purchase of a new device and attachment for a specific skin care need. Spa Sonic's Face and Body Polisher includes attachments for a deep clean and softer skin from head to toe.

The small facial brush is made with soft bristles for gentle skin. You can apply your regular face cleanser to the brush and move across your skin in a circular motion. It gives you a deep clean and leaves your skin feeling soft to the touch. I love that this brush makes me my face feel so much cleaner then just using my hands to wash.

The large brush is made with the same soft bristles as the small brush but is made to cover a larger area. Apply your everyday body wash and get your entire body clean and smooth. I love the way this feels! It's like a light massage with an added bonus. I used a scented wash and I was in shower heaven.

The facial sponge is soft and meant to massage your skin and help it to absorb your creams, lotions and serums. All your anti-aging products, products that remove imperfections and help tighten those pores will get an extra boost with this sponge.

Finally the pumice, my favorite of the four attachments. This is used to help with those dry and rough spots. Get your elbows, knees and heels soft and looking great. It helps exfoliate rough skin cells and reduce calluses. This works great on your feet. Let them soak for a few minutes then dry off with a towel and use the pumice in a circular motion to soften those heels.

I really love the Spa Sonic Skin Care System. It is easy to use! The attachments are super easy to switch out and cleaning is a cinch. It is completely waterproof so you can use it in the bath and shower with no problem making it super convenient. Why visit a spa when you can turn your bathroom into one!

Spa Sonic is available at Costco, Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. It would make the perfect gift for a Girly Girl. Husbands take note! Throw in a massage and a night out on the town and you will have one happy wife.

Walmart carries the color collection pictured above and is currently marked down to $35.99 from $64.99.  In addition you can find online savings for Spa Sonic at Target, Walgreens and

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