Thursday, December 11, 2014

Color Me Beauty

Fast and flawless makeup starts here. Color Me is laser focused on improving makeup application.  

Founded on the vision of Eric Jimenez, Color Me brings makeup application to the next level. With an automatic sponge that runs at a rate of 15,000 pulses per minute, the device applies foundation smoothly and mimics gentle finger tapping. In an independent clinical study, most women reported cutting application time in half, with improved evenness. 

At first when I received Color Me , I was a little apprehensive especially because I am a professional MUA working daily on set .  Color me Beauty was extremely generous & sent me several sponges which I decided to use on a client who wanted a flawless coverage with out the "Cakey" feeling . 

Needless to say , I was Blown Away on how smooth it was applying the liquid foundation . It was a bit weird letting go of the control & allowing this little machine do the work .. I have included a pic of the final result (with no filter or touch up ) I was impressed ! 

Now although I LOVED this on my client , I am a totally different beast when it comes to foundation . I like it Full Coverage & HEAVY hahaha …. I busted out a new sponge & began to apply on myself … I will say that it did deliver , but after the fact , I did go back in & buff 1 , maybe 2 more coats of foundation on .. but again , I am a FULL Coverage  not your average foundation wearer ! 

This Product is SUPERB for the everyday woman who wants that flawless face with the least amount of product . It is sold at your local ULTA stores & comes with 2 sponge replacements ! Depending on how often you wear makeup will determine the how long the sponge will last ! 

A great gift for moms on the go or even your teenage daughter who is just learning how to control her coverage ! 

Go Check them out ! 

Ulta  Retails for $54.00 

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