Saturday, November 15, 2014

*Gift Idea- Plush Puffs Review

Plush Puffs are not your ordinary marshmallow. These things are decadent and delicious cubes of puffy goodness. They are what I like to call fairy food. Yes, I have my own food group called fairy food. What makes something fit into the fairy food group? Well it's gotta be cute, little and utterly scrumptious.. Basically it's what I picture little fairy's enjoying in the forest. Plush Puffs would be floating around in their daffodil teacups filled with pink hot cocoa ( also in the fairy food group).

These all natural and handmade gourmet marshmallows come in flavors like Lemony Meringue and Toasted Coconut or seasonal flavors like Gingerbread Spice and Pumpkin Pie. They come packaged in resealable bags to keep your puffs soft and ready for your next hot cup of cocoa, graham cracker or to just munch on as your tummy desires.

I was sent three boxes of Plush Puffs for review:

Chocolate Chipetta- For all you chocolate pleasure seekers, discover a legendary deep cocoa flavor sprinkled with mini chocolate chips for that unexpected and satisfying crunch.

Peppi-Mint- What's better than a mouthful of velvety hot chocolate mixed with the rich and fresh taste of peppermint? Our cool fluffy Peppi-Mint marshmallows complete any cup of cocoa, or put a minty twist on a s'more.

Caramel Swirl- Crafted with artisan caramel, our Caramel Swirl is nothing short of pure ecstasy. The perfect marriage of light and fluffy marshmallow with smooth and dreamy caramel takes you on a flavorful journey from which you won't want to return.

We have been enjoying these in our coffee and hot chocolate as well as savoring them alone. My daughters favorite of the three are the Peppi-Mint, I have been putting one delectable treat into her lunchbox. She is in kid heaven. My favorite are the Chocolate Chipetta, I love the surprising crunch you get from the added chocolate chips. The Caramel Swirl are good as well, a little more on the sweeter side for those of you with a sweet tooth. I was told these would make a mean smore but we have yet to try them. I can only imagine...actually I will probably head to the grocery store tomorrow and pick up some chocolate and graham crackers. Who am I kidding?

Are you putting together a gift basket for someone this Christmas? These would make the perfect addition! Or how about you find a tasty hot cocoa mix while you are perusing Pinterest later to gift someone in a pretty jar. Throw in a whimsical mug and a box of Plush Puffs and you have a delightful gift.

Purchase your Plush Puffs online.

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  1. These look delicious (and pretty). I'd love to try the Maple Bacon flavor.


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