Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scentsy Fall Review

Can you believe the first day of fall is only 9 days away?! As you can see I am counting down the days to cooler weather, falling leaves and Holidays with family. I have mentioned this in the past but I am a "smell" person. Meaning I love things that smell good. That's the reason I love Scentsy products and decided to become a Scentsy consultant. I believe in their products and they smell sooo good! I am so excited that Scentsy fall scents are out and ready to be enjoyed.

Here is a list of Scentsy's 2014 Fall/ Winter scents. I have smelled all of them and let me tell you there are some yummy ones. My favorites are Frosted Ginger Cookie, Sno-Leil and Winter Pine. Frosted Ginger Cookie smells like one of those delicious cookies everyone starts baking come fall. Sno-Leil smells clean and sweet, it reminds me of snow fall and a hot cup of cocoa with lots of marshmallows. Winter Pine is one scent I will be burning come Christmas. Growing up we always had a live Christmas tree every year but a couple of years ago we decided to purchase an artificial tree, sigh. Winter Pine gives you that fresh pine tree scent without all the pine needle mess.

Scentsy also some cute fall warmers available.

The Autumn Glow Shade is really pretty and the Scarecrow is cute and festive. Looking for something a little more whimsical and a touch spooky for Halloween? Check out these Halloween warmers!
This Bonehead is my favorite, I would probably use this one all year long.
This Itsy Bitsy element warmer is too cute and the perfect warmer if you are looking for something that does not light up.
Go check out Scentsy's fall catalog, it is filled with some new scents and some old favorites. If you are not familiar with Scentsy go see everything they have to offer. Scentsy is more then just warmers and wax bars, they also have other products to fill your space with lovely scents as well as laundry and bath and body products. Visit my page to purchase your Scentsy needs.

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