Monday, August 4, 2014

Tummy Stuffers Review

If your kiddos watch any television you can bet they have seen the commercials for such Jay at Play collections like HideAway Pets, J-Animals and of course Tummy Stuffers. My daughter Penelope fell in love with Tummy Stuffers from the first day she saw them on TV and has been asking me for one ever since. Can you believe just a few weeks ago I was asked to review a Tummy Stuffer? I couldn't believe it, after hearing so much about them from my daughter. I was pretty excited to let her know we would be receiving a Tummy Stuffer for review. I even let her pick the one she wanted. She decided on the Cat from their all new Wild Ones collection.

Tummy Stuffers are furry plush pals that double as the cleverest and cuddliest clean-up containers a kid could ever love! Terrific for helping children of all ages keep their bedrooms, playrooms and even camp bunks neat and tidy, Tummy Stuffers’ mouths open wide to keep kids’ things inside – and they “eat” everything right before their eyes! The brand-new Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones line-up features six fun and funky styles, including a spotted Dalmatian and Blue Leopard, polka-dotted Bunny and Giraffe, purple and pink striped Cat, and awesome argyle Monkey! Kids and tweens can store it all in the new Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones, from clothing and toys, to blankets, books and much more!

Penelope was so excited to finally meet her Tummy Stuffer and guess what the first thing she did was? Walk around the house feeding anything she could find to her new kitty. She hid the remote, my camera, several pens, my sunglasses, a pair of socks and more inside her kitty's tummy. For the first couple of days I knew when I couldn't find something, that my sneaky little girl and her hungry stuffed cat were the culprits. She has since stopped hiding my stuff but uses her Tummy Stuffer to collect her toys from around the house when I tell her it's chore time. She then carries her fat cat up to her room and puts her stuff away where it belongs. Tummy Stuffers makes clean up fun!

Order your Tummy Stuffers online. It will make a great birthday present or a special surprise for any child.


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