Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash Review

Girly Girl Giveaways have reviewed Sebamed products in the past and have grown to love and trust them. Recently I was introduced to yet another one of their products, Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash.

This 2-in-1 wash is formulated for sensitive skin. It is free of parabens and is 100% soap and alkali free. Just like other Sebamed products this one was also made to have a PH of 5.5, the same PH as healthy skin!

This is essential in maintaining your skin's natural hydrolipid barrier against environmental stress. Any other pH level, such as found in soap may leave your skin open to break-down and deterioration.

I was using this stuff on a daily basis, it does a great job at removing makeup. Then my husband got his hands on it and decided he needed to take it to work with him! He has really sensitive skin and many bath products cause him to break out in a rash or dry his skin out. Not Sebamed, this actually helps his skin from drying out in the cold Alaska air where he works. I would recommend this for anyone, whether you have sensitive skin or not.

The people at Sebamed also have a great tip for summer they would like to share with all you Girly Girls. With the heat index rising you are probably exposing a lot more skin. But there is one part of your body that often gets overlooked. Can you guess what it is?

Armpits! The mindless daily shave and quick roll of deodorant steal 50 percent of moisture from skin and wreak havoc on underarm’s delicate pH balance, causing problems like dryness, redness, bumps and itchiness. Constant irritation also exacerbates hyperpigmentation, which is one cause of darkened armpits.

Fortunately, pits aren’t picky. Spending just 60 seconds on this easy, three-step routine from

Sebamed can keep underarm’s pH in check for a worry-free, comfortable day:

·         Gently Cleanse with a Soap-Free Wash: Using your hands or a gentle microfiber cloth, cleanse the underarms with an ultra-mild wash like Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash. The soap-free formula deep cleanses while naturally conditioning and restoring skin to the ideal pH 5.5, and using your hands or a soft cloth instead of a loofah helps protect skin’s delicate barrier. ($19.95 for 400mL,
·         Consciously Rinse and Pat Dry: Most of us forget to completely rinse and dry this area, causing water and cleansing residue to linger under the arms for unwanted itchiness. Instead of rubbing harshly with a towel, gently pat skin dry, which is much less abrasive.
·         Swipe on Sensitive Skin Deodorant: Many deodorants are based on harsh chemicals. Look for one made with balsam, a common hydrating oil that’s plant derived and soothing on sensitive skin. Apply one thin, even layer to the full area of the armpit (about a three-inch circle) using a gentle, single up-and-down swipe.
You can purchase this and all other Sebamed products online or by checking out their store locator to find a retailer near you.

The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or PR company representing them. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.

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