Sunday, April 27, 2014

Everpro Gray Away Review

 I have dark hair but recently I have noticed a few gray strands. Since it is only a couple I usually pull them out, but since I am turning 37 this summer I will probably be seeing more of these in the next few years. I was sent Everpro's Gray Away for review.

Gray Away is a revolutionary hair product that lets women go weeks between root touch-ups, saving time, money and energy. The spray application product offers self-adjusting color technology that matches hair color perfectly and dries quickly. It doesn’t contain dyes; rather it is made of mineral derived pigments, making it completely safe…even for pregnant women.

Gray Away comes in two color options Light Brown and Dark Brown/Black. It is perfect for in between dye jobs when your roots are starting to show their true color. It is very easy to use. You simple spray along your hair line where needed and it covers up those pesky gray roots. I haven't dyed my hair in quite awhile but I do use this product on the little gray hairs that are starting to pop up and they are instantly erased. I have also mentioned in the past that I have very thin hair and my scalp is very noticeable. Gray Away has also helped me with this problem because if I spray it along my part it actually fills in a bit of my scalp and gives my hair a fuller look. You can't even tell that I have used anything on my hair. I really like this stuff. You can purchase it for $12.99 with FREE shipping on their website. Everpro also has a version of Gray Away for men.


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