Sunday, April 28, 2013

HuMn Wallet Review

The HuMn Wallet was designed to be the next evolution in wallets. Made out of aircraft grade aluminum or Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, you’ll always be making a statement with your HuMn Wallet, while keeping your cards protected against RFID theft.

I was sent a HuMn 2 wallet for review in Orange. I was pretty excited about giving this to my husband Chris to try out because he has a tendency of not wanting to carry a wallet around. He usually just puts cash or whatever he needs in his pocket and I am always afraid it is going to get lost. It has happened and I often find money in his pockets while I am doing the wash. Score! This wallet is for the minimalist, the person that doesn't want to carry a big bulky wallet when they don't have to. It comes in a variety of colors, in aluminum or carbon fiber, and even a mini version! Aside from this wallets small package and hip look one of the other features it has is the ability to protect against electronic theft. The aluminum plates shield your credit cards from EMI and RFID scanning. So how exactly does this wallet work? Check out this video demonstration.

Pretty cool huh? Fathers day is just around the corner and this would make a nice gift for that tech savvy dad, or that on-the-go young adult, or even that ultra hip teenager. The HuMn wallet is not just for men though. It's great for women too! Have you ever gone to an amusement park, sporting event, street fair, or concert and have not wanted to lug your big ol' purse around. I know I have had several instances where I just needed some cash and my ID  and usually when this happens I end up asking someone else that is with me if I can stuff my things in their bag, I know annoying right? Or I ask my husband to carry it for me, in his pocket of course. Or I just walk around miserably with that extra weight on my shoulder. This wallet is the perfect solution for those times. It is also fits great in your new stylish but small clutch!

You can get your HuMn 2 wallet online now.

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