Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eyn Product Review

I love my iPhone, when I got it I couldn't believe that I would use it as much as I do now. I use it for not only phone calls and messages but also my email, games for my kids and I can also use it to charge credit cards for my business and check my facebook account from anywhere. With all of these amazing things that I can do I really never thought about my case.
Most people when they are picking out their iPhone case they look at style and color. This has always been our only option but now not only can you get your favorite color and style but you can also get a phone case that has a usable function.
eyn was developed as a simple solution to an everyday problem: having the freedom to walk around with just your phone and a few necessities—a couple credit cards, some cash and your i.d. They felt that most people nowadays don't want to carry much more, so that's why they created eyn (pronounced 'n')— which stands for everything you need.

While designing eyn, their goal was to create a built-in storage area within the case that clicks shut and keeps your personal items hidden and secure, so you can carry everything together all in one place.
Well from they moment I got my case I knew I was going to love this but I had to test it out. I was a little nervous about putting my ID and my credit card in my case because I misplace my phone so much. Plus my kids both play with my phone and I was afraid my 2 year old would get his hands on my cards. So I put some cash in it and carried it around with me to the coffee shop, grocery store and the movies. Everywhere I went I got "wow where did you get that" and "that is so cool, I want one". I had a very positive response to it. It's easy to latch and I am confident my things will not fall out. I would have loved this in college and I know I will use it when I am traveling.
I did find the perfect everyday use for it. My business cards...I know genius! I always forget to throw them in my purse or I have them in my car. But I never forget my phone so when I am talking to someone and they are interested in my business I have a card right there. Very convenient! Here's a picture of how I use it. I know it's not a great picture but you can at least see how it worked for me.
I highly recommend you getting one of these cases. Oh and a bonus you can open the phone case and use it to prop up your iPhone when you are watching a movie! Love this for the kids!
Pre orders for the iPhone 5 case are available now. Also, out now, the new Buddha Nose Lip Balm, made exclusively to fit inside of the eyn case.

The eyn case ($29.99) and lip balm ($10.00/4) can be purchased at


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