Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dead Sea Elements Wipes & IntensivEYE Soothing Pads

Dead Sea Elements 

IntensivEYE Soothing pads 

AS we enter the New Year with resolutions of getting fit , eating better , spending less , we often find ourselves running out of time to do all that we had resolved to do . With that being said we sometimes forget or neglect our face . Especially during the holiday season . Coming home late the last thing we think about is washing our face thoroughly ! Don't lie we have all done it ! 
I was given the opportunity to review these 2 amazing products & I was supposed to write about them before the holidays but I really like to test out the products sent to me so that i can give a very honest review .. So here is goes .
1. The Dead Sea Elements are insanely undiscovered ! I will most likely never run to a counter again for cosmetic wipes ! These miracle clothes totally cleaned my face with 1 side . On Christmas Eve we came home from my in-laws house at 1:30 and we still had to escort "Santa's" gifts in the house not to mention eat the reindeer's food .. So as you can imagine , I had No time (well i did but didn't want to ) wash my face . I cracked open my Dead Sea Wipes and was amazed at how well they made my face feel not just right away but in the morning my face wasn't dry or irritated . I LOVE THEM ! I am a Fan with there non-abrasive dead sea salt they totally revived my skin . The package was easy to use , snap open , snap shut it kept all my wipes moist even after i opened the package ! 
You get 30 Towelettes for $5.99 That's a steal and you can find them at any local drugstore ! 

2. IntensivEYE Soothing Pads came in at just the right time . As many of you know , I own a Makeup School in San Diego and all of my students are required to bring in models for there last day of class . On that day each model gets there makeup done 3 to 4 times so you can imagine there poor eyes ! I love makeup but not that much ! Right in the middle of a makeup change i received IntensivEYE pads & was able to crack them open & allow the models to use them to soothe there over worked eyes .. Can i just say that I saw a 100% difference in the redness of there eyes & each one of them mentioned how good these pads felt . These pads were twice as thick as other eye pads . They help cool & soothe the eye area . The cucumber extract really helped replenish moisture to the most sensitive area of the eye .. They truly are a great buy and they only cost $4.49 at your local drug store ! 

My last statement from a professional standpoint is that BOTH of these are a must for your Pro kit & personal life ! 

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