Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I was so excited to receive my BeautyMint package in the mail ( I instantly became a 12 year old girl skipping around haha ). I have heard so many amazing things about this semi-new Skin Care line . This is such a great idea .. we often don't know how to determine what skin products are best for our skin .. We are bombarded with commercials & advertisement that "tells" you what you want to hear but we all live in different climates , we are all from different ethnicity's & have different points of concern when it comes to our skin .. So I was overjoyed in knowing that Celebrity skin care expert, Nerida Joy was going to be taking a look into all my personal details & tailoring  a skin care regiment for me .. I received the package 2 weeks before Christmas & was determined to only use BeautyMint on my skin so that i could put all my doubts either to rest or trump the trend ! It has been over a month and i really really love this program. I felt that it really hit all the things that i was concerned about .. the texture of my skin , my dry lips , my oily speratic patches , all of it was addressed & i was impressed .. I even used the face wash with my clarosonic & seem even better result!  For $39.00 (1st time users get $10.00 off 1st order ) It is so worth it .. I still have several weeks left in my product , so you get a good amount for the price .. In my opinion ,it is not only a great product for all ages but  it is a great starter kit for all your tween & teenage girls . It has the trend appeal (which they live for ) but it also gets them into the habit of good skin !
 I have enclosed the basic Idea for Beauty Mint . 
Go check it out & let us know what you think! BeautyMint gets an A+ from Girly Girl 


By pinpointing the specifics of your personal daily life this such as diet, exercise and general lifestyle influences, Nerida argues you will target the right solutions to reap the most effective results.
Therefore whether it’s controlling your own environmental damage if say you live in a polluted cit or protecting yourself from the sun if your profession involves constant UVA exposure, whatever your skins goals, there’s a formula to suit each individual needs 


As we age and collagen production begins to decline little by little from as young as twenty years old, most women and men’s concerns derive from fine lines, wrinkles, burst capillaries around the eyes or dark under eye circles as they’re often referred to, or just tired dull looking skin.
However as experts will purport, there’s always a customized plan that can be implemented from one person to the next to reap targeted solutions.

Step 3 – FIND OUT NOW!

Experience all the benefits of Beauty Mint’s innovative products, and get access to the best beauty expertise and resources.

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