Monday, October 8, 2012

Healthy Hoohoo

healthy hoohoo is a complete line of feminine freshness products that are revolutionary in their simplicity. Free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and parabens, healthy hoohoo gentle feminine wash, foaming cleanser and wipes are designed to naturally cleanse girlie parts without removing all the goodness Mother Nature put down there.

It is not something you often see blogged about but it really should be ! A product line that really does care about our sensitive Feminine parts ! Healthy Hoo Hoo is not only a cute name but it is a natural line of products that take care of all your cleaning needs in those very sensitive parts .. You never really think about it but all those chemicals that companies put in daily cleansers may not be the best for us !
Healthy hoohoo respects a woman’s body and believes it should be treated like a temple. Reducing the amount of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis is simply one step to better health. We value wellness, the best ingredients, and being relentlessly authentic.
Healthy HooHoo has 3 products (price ranging from $4.99 -$13.99 ) to make keeping fresh easy. The Foam , The Cleanser & My Favorite The Wipes ( I keep them in my purse , so I can be fresh anywhere)

What i really loved about this company was that it wasn't just into there own product & exposing it to the world (which is fine ) but Healthy Hoohoo really seemed to care about the natural health of us woman ! It was a refreshing sight to see especially in these days & times ! When they say they are natural , they mean it !

Go check them out & give them a try , You wont be disappointed !
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