Monday, September 3, 2012

Starfrit Mac & Cheese PAN Review


Whether you are a mom on the go , or college bound for the 1st time . This Pot is essential ! It just makes life easier and a little quicker . This Mac and Cheese Pan features a perforated lid for releasing steam during cooking and easily draining water once the noodles are ready. The lid locks in place by overlapping and latching onto the rim of the saucepan with a simple turn, remaining secure as the water pours out!
Its Small , it convenient & Its so on trend with is cute color blocking style ! Starfrit has created the perfect accessory to add a pop  of color to your kitchen !

Starfrit, Canada’s leading purveyor of kitchen preparation products, entered the US Market in 2009. The company continues to bring exceptional lines of clever eco-friendly cookware and kitchen gadgets that combine classic designs with modern ideas and are meant to bring creativity and ease into today’s kitchen. Starfrit looks forward to continuing its proud tradition of providing quality products at accessible prices for consumers of all ages and lifestyles in the United States.
 The biggest distributor of Starfrit that I found was online (Amazon)
You may also find some products at your Local Wal-Mart . Starfrit offers cute quirky kitchen accessories at a very reasonable price ! Ranging from $10-$80 dollars ..
Enjoy your MAC & CHEESE with Ease !

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  1. This is my favorite kitchen product ever, because it is practicle. I'm a man who dislike cooking, and I use this to make pasta and then reuse it fast as a saucepan while the pasta waits in a bowl (I have the standard black version). The big problem for me is that it is teflon-coated, and I don't trust teflon. I found this blog while looking for a non-teflon version. I should write to Starfrit but I wish there just made a "simply-aluminium" version, maybe with a glass lid. In case anyone is confused, I think the actual product name is "StarBasix Saucepan With Perforated Lid", but they could have changed that.



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