Monday, September 10, 2012

SebaMed Spa Shower Review

1st off , I will admit that I am the type of girl that sees a really cute or pretty package & usually buys it before I actually know how good the product is ! Ok now that I have admitted that , when I received Sebamed Shower Gel , I wasn't impressed by the packaging but was overwhelmed by the amazing information given to me in there press materials .. So I was excited to try it out ! Well can i just tell you all how Amazing this product is !!!!!! I was so refreshed by the mild yet overwhelming fresh fragrance, it lathered just enough and didn't leave a film like finish but more of a smooth moisture to my skin . Even after the wear of the day , I could still smell the fresh scent of Sebamed !
Not only is this a Spa like moment in the shower but It really is great for the skin .

in the hectic of today's world, a feeling of well-being is an important aspect of health maintenance. Water lily extract is known for its relaxing fragrance and hydrating capacity. Combined with mild wash active ingredients, a balanced skin care complex and allantoin the skin is moisturized and refreshed during cleansing, leaving it soft and perceptibly smoother to the touch. Adjusted to the physiological pH value of 5.5 the skin is safeguarded from lipid erosion, offering a high level of skin tolerance and protection against dryness and irritation.The pH value of 5.5 strengthens and stablizes the ecological balance of the skin's acid mantle promoting its vital barrier function. Dermatologically tested.
I am so excited to tell you that you can purchase Sebamed at your local CVS or online with SebaMed

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