Monday, September 24, 2012

John Frieda by Conair Hair Brushes Review

Over two decades ago,the John Frieda® Hair Care Experts revolutionized hair care with the innovative Frizz-Ease® Hair Serum, and are takingfrizz-fighting technology to the next level withJohn Frieda® styling tools by Conair. This Cutting-edge collection of professional-grade brushes work in tandem with theJohn Frieda® Full Volume Dryer for smooth, healthy gorgeous hair without stepping foot in the salon.

I was given the opportunity to review these brushes and let me tell you how grateful I was. You see, before I received these I had been using the same brush for the past, well, let's just say many years. I know right? I have to tell you I love these brushes. Not only are they so much nicer then my previous hairbrush but I now have several brushes to switch from to achieve the look I am going for. I even found a brush that is perfect for my daughter Penelope's straight long hair, that doesn't pull and maker her cry every time I brush it.

John Frieda® styling tools brushes include:

· John Frieda®Paddle BrushSleek Finish ($12.99): Made with shine-enhancing silicone bristles, natural IONS and a flexible cushion base, this pro-finish brush works in tandem with theJohn Frieda® Full Volume Dryer to smooth fly-aways and reduce frizz for a beautiful finish.
This is the brush that works great at brushing the knots out of little Penelope's hair and leaves it smooth and silky. Man, do I wish I had her hair!
· John Frieda®Cushion Brush Flat Finish ($12.99): Gently untangle wet or dry hair without snags or damage with this flexible cushion base brush, featuring smoothing silicone bristles.
Love this one! It works great on wet hair without pulling. No worrying about split ends.
· John Frieda®Vent Brush Sleek Finish ($12.99): This smoothing brush features silicone bristles, natural IONS, and vents to maximize dryer airflow for rapid styling, the perfect complement to yourJohn Frieda® Full Volume Dryer.
Unfortunately I was not sent this brush for my review.
· John Frieda®Porcupine Round BrushVolume Curls ($14.99): This unique brush features nylon and boar bristles designed to distribute the scalp’s natural oils for added shine and smoothness, an ideal blowout booster. Sizes: small, medium
This is a great brush to use when blow drying if you want to give your hair some added boost and lift. It even gives body to my flat thin hair!
· John Frieda®Large Thermal Round Brush Full Volume ($14.99): Soft waves are easy to create with this heat styling enhancer. Simply pair with your John Frieda®Full Volume Dryer for smooth, frizz-free results.
I gifted this brush to my mom who thinks it's great.
· Nylon Round Brush Volume Curls ($12.99): Style soft, voluminous curls with this frizz-defying brush. Use with the John Frieda®Full Volume Dryer for a sleek, smooth, salon-worthy results.
I also did not receive this brush but I am sure it's just as good as the rest of them.
You can get your hands on these John Frieda by Conair brushes online or in several drugstores, mass market retailers, and specialty beauty shops everywhere.

The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing them. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.

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