Friday, August 24, 2012

Sleep N Beauty Silk Pillow Case Review

 "Made with 100% mulberry silk, known as the Queen of silks. This is the silk that is recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons because of its special weave and softness, allowing your face and hair to move freely without causing lines while you sleep."

So I used to be "the girl" that totally made fun of things like this ! REALLY a pillow that can slow down the inevitable age progression ! BUT there is so much truth to this and as I age in years , I am noticing more and more of a reason to look into this product .. have you ever woke up from a deep slumber with lines all over your face from the imprint of the pillow or your hand ? Well as we age those lines take longer and longer to disappear ..And I swear some just make a home on my face ! Geez !! So I haven't had the opportunity to try this product out but I most definitely will.
It is a bit pricey ranging from $70.00-$90.00 dollars but if this means I don't have to buy as many anti age cremes ..then its worth it ..  Check it out for yourself & let us know how you like it !

 Sleep N' Beauty's Website is extremely informative with amazing reviews and facts !

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