Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey everybody! Have you noticed the advertisements around the Internet for Wittlebee? I did and after doing the math I realized the clothes came out to just a few bucks a piece. For $39.99 a month (shipping is included) you can get a box of 6 articles of clothing tailored to your child's age, clothing size, style, color preferences, etc. You can even speak with a stylist about what clothing you want for your child or leave notes for a stylist if you're a phone-aphobe like me. The best part is that you won't know what you actually get until it arrives at your doorstep but it is all based on information you input in your profile.

I love surprises! I thought I'd give it a try. The only downside, in my opinion, is they don't do clothing larger than 5/6 so I can only get clothes for my two youngest (I alternate months between Judah and Zoe by updating my profile every month). I hear rumor of them offering bigger sizes as the company grows and expands.

We've gotten two boxes thus far, three if you count the one that just shipped for us this month but I haven't gotten yet (squee!). The clothing is mostly name-brand and higher quality and brand new. It comes to $6.67 per article of clothing (and remember shipping is included in the price so each piece of clothing is probably closer to $5 each!).

Judah's June Box
You may notice Judah has 8 items; Wittlebee recently reduced the number of items received to 6 in order to provide bigger brand names. They started off as a company that wanted to help families build their fast-growing children's wardrobe with *basics* but it has evolved into so much more. People want more graphic tees, colors, outfits, etc. and not just tights, socks, undies or a plain t-shirt.

Check out all the customer boxes from this summer on this Wittlebee Facebook Album! They are about to roll out fall stuff. It takes up to two weeks to process your order, pack and ship so it's good to start thinking ahead to new seasons.

I have found that the more satisfied customers are the ones who chill out and relax about the details. I don't need to give the stylist a huge laundry list of likes and dislikes. I keep it simple and have fun with it. On this box, for example, I mentioned that Zoe loves every color and that she is a very small 3T (so they wouldn't send 3T-4T sizes) and that we love girly skulls.

So far we haven't been disappointed! If you're already spending money on clothing every month you might as well save time, energy, gasoline, stress with dragging children out of the house, etc. and sign up. It's super fun!!! And the great news is you can also skip a month if you find you need a break.

Please use THIS LINK for $10 off your first box. Each household can have two boxes at a time (they are working on organizing things better in regard to that but for now I think you have to order them separately).

This is not a paid advertisement. I pay for my Wittlebee subscription myself.

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