Sunday, February 19, 2012

Morphology Game Review

My husband and I love playing games, we especially love getting together with friends and playing a fun board game. When I first heard about the game Morphology I thought " Oh another game to try at our next get together". That's exactly what we did! We were able to review this game with some friends and we had a blast.

Morphology is a fun  new party board game requiring players to dip into a box full of string, wooden sticks, glass beads and colored cubes to create a designated object chosen from a deck of cards.

Imagine the game Pictionary with props! Sounds interesting doesn't it? That's exactly what I thought. When my friends and I first saw the contents of the game box and read the instructions on how to play we all thought "What?!" it seemed like it was going to be a little difficult, but after a couple of turns we got the hang of it and it actually ended up being a riot to play. It was very amusing to see my friends trying to be creative while closing their eyes or using their weak hand. I am sure they found me amusing as well.

This is a great game for ages 13 and up. Priced at $29.99 and available online at Morphology Games or Barnes and Noble as well as hundreds of specialty shops across the country.


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