Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on Sleep Therapy System

I am loving my Sleep Therapy System and I hope all of you are too! My son and daughter are sleeping better and so are my husband and I. We did have the unfortunate chance of receiving one of the very few that had a faulty memory card in it. I went to turn it on one day and it didn't work.
So I emailed the company telling them the problem and they got back to me right away. They were aware of the problem and they knew how they were going to fix it.

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. said they purchased some bad components for a batch of machines and although the failure rate was low there were a few units that had problems. I just happened to be one of the lucky ones. They have since changed vendors and fixed the problem.

I was very impressed with the customer service that Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. provides for their customers. They were very quick and professional. They addressed the problem right away and were able to get a replacement unit out immediatly. This is a company I will be recommending to all my friends and I hope you will too.

Remember if you are interested in getting your own Sound+Sleep System you can visit their website.


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