Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's nice to make something easy on week nights after a long day at work. The kids can even help with these ones. All you will need is some crescent rolls, pizza sauce and pizza toppings.
Roll out the crescent rolls pinching the seams together. Make the pizza pies the size you want. Take pizza sauce and spread on the crescent roll. Add cheese and your pizza toppings.
Add another crescent roll on top and pinch the sides together. I also added two little slits at the top. Then follow instruction on the crescent roll package. Make sure that you watch them so that you don't over cook them. Ours got a little golden but they were still yummy!

Also try and make it with leftover stew, macaroni and hot dogs, or try stuffing them with pie filling.
Your kids will love making them and have even more fun eating them.

If you want more fun ideas of things to make with crescent rolls go to http://www.pillsbury.com/ They have some fun easy ideas of things to make with your family.


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