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Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase Review

The Kinerase product line was developed based on extensive research and has proven success with its exclusive clinical strength kinetin for more than 10 years. This key ingredient works deep within skin's surface so cells can act younger for longer. Unlike other anti-aging products, kinetin works to rejuvenate skin cells without exfoliating to deliver results without irritation. Once offered only in dermatologists' offices, the trusted ingredient kinetin — found in the entire Kinerase skin care portfolio — is a breakthrough in anti-aging.

Kinerase teamed up with Dr. Lewinn, plastic surgeon to the stars, and creator of one of the top skin care brands in Australia to create beauty products that are not only loved by celebrities but are also easily accessible to women everywhere.

 I was given the opportunity to review 3 items from the Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase line of beauty products.

Under Eye Recovery- A multi-active approach to awakening eyes. Eyeseryl®, a tetrapeptide, drains and decongests puffiness, but also safeguards against future eye bags by stopping liquid accumulation and inhibiting loss of elasticity. Dark circles are brightened, while clinical strength kinetin and Syn®-Coll, a tripeptide, boost collagen, firm and hydrate to smooth signs of wrinkles.

This product promises to visibly de-puff and lighten dark circles under your eyes in 14 days. I think this is a great product. I am a mom that doesn't get enough sleep at times, and I often have puffy eyes  and a slight darkness under my eyes in the morning. I noticed immediately upon using this eye cream that it actually decreased the amount of puffiness just a short while after applying it. It wasn't completely gone but I did notice that it lessened it quite a bit. I also notice that when I use this product regularly I look less like a raccoon! This cream is very gentle on the sensitive skin around your eyes. I have used some eye creams in the past that have irritated or dried out the skin around my eyes and this does not do that. I would recommend this product if you suffer from puffy, dark circles, and just plain tired eyes.

Skin Tone Perfecting Serum XK- Pure, high-potency, hyaluronic-acid-based treatment that targets dark spots and unwanted pigmentation to even skin tone. This silky, elegant formula blends kinetin with a concentrated complex of safe hydroquinone alternatives Sepivinol®, a red wine extract, Sepiwhite® and SymWhite® to provide a triple-level attack on melanin — removing melanin from skin's surface, blocking irregular melanin production and shielding skin from skin-dulling free radicals.

This serum is great for all skin types. Upon application it feels a little oily but it quickly absorbs into your skin and does not leave any kind of greasy feeling. I was a little hesitant at first because my skin tends to be on the oilier side but I actually noticed that it balances my skin and makes it feel powdery soft. This product is suppose to even out your skin tone starting at 7 days of use. I have definitely noticed a chance in my skin. My skin looks brighter and feels smoother.

Lip Resculpy 3D Lip Balm SPF 20- Blends treatment, protection and beauty by dramatically reshaping lips' appearance in 3 dimensions: volume, surface area and curvature. Its sheer, glossy formula with Volulip® peptide mimics injections by working on the surface to double hyaluronic acid production and stimulate collagen with the help of clinical strength kinetin. A├žai sterols repair the skin barrier, healing lips to hold onto moisture.

I was born with full lips so I never really think about using products to enhance the look of my lips or make them plumper but, I was very curious if this product would make a difference on my lips. This product says it will start plumping lips in 5 minutes, well I actually think it does this sooner then that. I had my husband witness the before and after to see if he noticed a difference and he actually did notice that they appeared a bit fuller. This is a very rich lip balm that leaves your lips super glossy and smooth. Upon application you start feeling a little tingly feeling, it's nothing uncomfortable but it is noticeable. Your lips actually do feel and look a little fuller with this lip balm. It's nothing dramatic but the added gloss adds to the appearance of full pouty-er lips. This is a nice lip balm and the fact that  it has SPF 20 is an added plus.

All three of these products as well as more from the Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase line can be purchased at select Walgreens and Walmart stores nationwide or on and


The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing them. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.

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  1. I'll have to try the under eye recovery. I have always suffered with allergies and the reminders. (permanent raccoon eyes)


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