Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Piece Of Cake

Its Halloween!
Halloween is just a little under a week away and it's time to start celebrating!  There are so many ways to make this Holiday fun for the kids but easy on our pockets! There are a few things that I would like to share with you that I like to do with my kids and their friends!
The best way to get into the spirit is getting our pumpkins ready!  This is a fun project for all ages! We decided to have a play date with my daughters friends and decorate some pumpkins.  The best thing to do when getting ready for a pumpkin carving party is have the pumpkins ready. Take the time to cut off the top and clean out the insides before your little guests arrive. The less cleaning out you have to do with the little ones the better! Don't forget to save the seeds for roasting later, yum! The next best thing to have on hand are stickers crayons and/or paint. Who says you can only carve a pumpkin. Younger kids cant use the sharp tools to carve a pumpkin so coloring and decorating with stickers is a fun way for them personalize their pumpkins. My daughter wanted me to make a cat so I did the carving and she did the coloring and finished it off with Halloween stickers! Didn't she and her friends do a great job?!
The second thing you have to think about every year is the costume. My daughter is still young enough that mommy gets a say in her costume. I try to find a fun way to dress my daughter up without spending a lot of money. After all it's just one night of fun! This year I have a few ideas for you. My daughter is going as a Snow Princess which is a perfect choice for an Alaskan girl and I'm not buying a thing. The best thing about having a little girl is she has a dress up box and a lot of friends who like to dress up. You can make a great Halloween costume using what your child already has. And don't be afraid to ask around to other moms and borrow/trade things you may need.
An even easier and more fun Halloween tradition is a ghost and what is easier then a ghost? A few holes in a sheet and you have a cute little Halloween costume! Remember you can get creative you don't have to just use a white sheet. You can use any color and decorate your ghost. If your little ghost is a girl maybe put here in a pink sheet with a bow on her head, and if he's a boy make a bow tie! To make sure your little one is able to move around without her costume falling off be sure to pin a hat under the sheet. This will insure it stays on. For more homemade costume ideas go to Family Fun!

The best for last, food! It so much fun and can be so easy! Pillsbury has some great recipes you can try. How about this Chicken Enchilada Mummy, it looks delicious and the kids will love to help you make spooky or silly faces on them. By letting the kiddos help in the cooking process they are more likely to eat their creations.  

Make dessert more fun for the kids by giving them cupcakes to decorate and use Halloween candy to make some scary little monsters! These will definitely be a hit! Visit Family Fun for some more great ideas!

Have a fun, safe, and memorable Halloween! Feel free to comment with any other ideas you may have on making this Halloween a special day for your kids.

Happy Halloween!


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