Tuesday, September 27, 2011


~Cinnamon Toast Rolls Ups~

I have found another Tummy Yummies surprise and this one is a great one to make with your kids! I wish I was the one to come up with Cinnamon Toast Roll Ups myself but I found them on Circle B Kitchen. What a great idea though!
My daughter McKenzie and I decided to try and make this one night for an after dinner treat! They were pretty easy to make and McKenzie had fun helping me. The recipe is on Circle B Kitchen website. But the basic idea is that you take fresh white bread and flatten it, cover it in butter, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar mix on it and fold, roll and bake. Its that easy! McKenzie liked putting the butter on the bread and sprinkling the cinnamon and sugar!  My favorate part was putting the frosting on the top. Just some powered sugar and milk.
I almost forgot to take a picture of the treats. This was all that was left when I got out the camera and these were snatched up right after this was taken. We're going to have to make these the next time it's our turn to bring treat to play group! Try making these with the kids they'll have fun and enjoy the end result!

Enjoy making and eating these treats!

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  1. Just letting you know that I stopped by your blog today from the 'In The Nestwork' site.

    Have a nice weekend mate!


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