Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Costume Supercenter Review

My little girl loves to dress up. (What three year old girl doesn't?) She has a box in her closet dedicated to her princess gowns, slippers, and fancy costume jewelry so when I was given the opportunity to review one of Costume Supercenter's costumes I was very excited to find a frilly little girl dress up outfit. After looking through all the kids Disney costumes searching for that perfect princess dress I decided on this Tinkerbell Toddler Costume.
Adorable right? I knew my girl would love it! She was super excited when it arrived in the mail and was eager to put it on. Unfortunately the bad mama that I am got the wrong size! Ugh! It's too bad because this costume is cute. Complete with fairy wings and all. Fortunately though we were able to gift it to a friend of ours who has a little girl that looks just darling in it. We have been over to their home several times and each time she is prancing around in this Tinkerbell outfit. My little girl Penelope was upset about not getting into this costume but I promised her to get her another fancy dress in her size. Well, guess what Halloween is just around the corner and guess where I will be shopping for my little girl's costume? That's right with all their Halloween costumes for kids I am sure to find something really cute. I am thinking I love this Alice in Wonderland costume.
But I also think this LaLaLoopsy costume is too cute!

 They have so many costumes to choose from I think I will have to let my little girl decide which one she likes and then I might just get her a couple more to add to her dress up box.

Costume Supercenter has very reasonable prices on good quality costumes from infant to adult sizes. Now is the time to start looking as I mentioned earlier Halloween is just around the corner. 41 days away to be exact. Really?! Also be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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