Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me... in 3 days

Did you know August is National Romance Month? It is also the month I was born. That's right August 16th I will be celebrating my birthday...alone. Chris will be at work and I will be at  home  fantasizing about the perfect relaxing day. What would this day entail? Well, I will start off waking up fully rested after sleeping in and roll over to find what else but breakfast in bed made by my loving husband and sweet daughter. Waffles! Made with my new KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker. I want one of these. *hint hint*

After breakfast I will snuggle up, still in my jammies, and enjoy a good book while sipping on a Summer Kiss.

1 shot Schnapps, peach
Fill glass halfway with VOGA Pinot Grigio Sparkling
Fill the rest with cranberry Juice
Add a few ice cubes

Eventually sometime in the afternoon I will roll out of bed and walk into a spotless bathroom that has a warm and beautifully scented LUSH bubble bath awaiting me. Aaahhh! Once I am done soaking I will get dressed, in a clean pair of pajamas and head upstairs to the dining room and find a fancy meal of steak and lobster on my table that has been adorned with candles and this gorgeous orchid from Organic Bouquet.

Dinner will be followed by my favorite dessert Creme Brulee. Mmm. After which I will skip downstairs and jump into a freshly made bed and finish up my book.

OK OK, in reality I plan to celebrate with my little girl and a big ice cream sundae but if any of you feel like gifting me with a bottle of wine, a new kitchen appliance or a pretty bouquet of flowers feel free.


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