Monday, August 15, 2011

Frequent Flyer Hair Tips and Rahua Haircare Review

There is still a few more weeks until summer is officially ended and many of you probably still have some travel plans to enjoy. Want to learn how to arrive at your vacation spot looking fully refreshed and without airplane hair? Seasoned traveler, beauty guru and founder of Rahua (pronounced Ra-Wa) Haircare, Fabian Lliguin would like to provide a few simple tips for a chic landing.

  1. Prior to take-off use a deep cleanser and wash your face thoroughly. Top off with a light     tinted moisturizer to keep skin looking fresh and provide light coverage.
  2. Get your hair blown out with extra body and waves before flight. During flight put your hair     up and secure in place with a spiral pin. After you land let hair loose, apply Rahua Voluminous Spray all over, shake your hair run fingers through and be ready to impress.
  3. Keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding dehydrating salty foods, fizzy drinks and alcohol.
  4. Keep a great humidity tamer, like Rahua Conditioner on hand  to smooth out any frizz along the way.
  5. To arrive fresh-faced, right before landing apply a light foundation, cream shimmer above cheekbones and finish with an herbal water mist to set and give a refreshed glow. Add a pop of color with a tinted lip balm or stain.
For centuries, women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes have traveled deep into the Amazon rainforest to prepare a highly potent, restorative oil they call Rahua (ra-wa) – believing it to be the secret to their thick, flowing, lustrous hair. In the 1990s, these women shared Rahua’s power with renowned New York stylist and colorist Fabian Lliguin, a native Ecuadorian of Quechua descent.

Rahua hair care products pride themselves on being "free". Sulfate free, synthetic paraben and fragrance free, propylene glycol free, dimethicone free, imidazolidinyl free and free from all questionable ingredients. 100% natural, organic and vegan.

I was given samples of Rahua's Shampoo and Conditioner for review. The first thing I do when I open a new shampoo is smell it. Unfortunately the scent of this shampoo is very light and what little fragrance I did smell was a little too herbal for me. That being said the luxuriousness of this shampoo/conditioner totally makes up for it. The shampoo has a very thin almost watery like consistently so initially I was not very impressed but once i started rubbing the shampoo into my hair it lathered up really well and felt extremely soft. I followed up with the conditioner and it left my hair feeling very silky as I ran my fingers through it. After drying my hair as I usually do, my hair felt clean, weightless and full of body. I have to tell you this shampoo and conditioner is so much better then the one I have been using. The negative part is it's a little pricey. $32.00 for a 9.2 oz of shampoo and $34.00 for the conditioner. Ouch! If you are used to paying these kinds of prices for hair care then I would definitely recommend you trying Rahua's high quality products. They can be purchased online  or in several retail and beauty salons worldwide.


The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing the company. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone.

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