Friday, July 8, 2011

Update on Joy's Baby

Hi, Joy here! Several months ago I did a review for Intelligender. You can read that review HERE. My Intelligender result was BOY and it was such a fun test to do. When we went to our mid-pregnancy sonogram baby's ankles were crossed and we got a shot of what looked like a little girl.

So our original thought was that the test was wrong. Consumers must remember that there is a slight chance to get a wrong answer; the test is for entertainment purposes only.

BUT... our 3D scan today showed that we are indeed having a BABY BOY! You can view photos and the story at my personal blog by clicking HERE. It's very much a boy and not a girl as we originally thought!

Intelligender was such a fun test to take and I'm excited to see that our result did end up being correct.

My sister-in-law just bought an Intelligender test and I'm excited to see if her result is accurate, too!

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