Saturday, July 16, 2011

Orange Guard Review

About a month or so before a 32 fluid ounce bottle of Orange Guard, a non-toxic pest control spray, arrived at my house for my test and review, I bought a natural pest control spray at my local grocery store. Not only did this spray not work, but it also smelled terrible. Every time I used the pest spray I heard complaints about the bad smell from my kids, my husband and myself. Fortunately, Orange Guard doesn't have a bad smell to it, but does it work any better than the one I bought from the grocery store?

Everyone in my household loves the smell of this a water-based insecticide Orange Guard. It has a very pleasant citrus smell to it. How well does it work though? I can't decide. I have mixed feelings about Orange Guard. I believe it works, but not on all bugs listed on the bottle. I'll start by explaining my ant problem.

Almost every summer ants escape the heat by crawling into my home through a crack(s) in the wall behind the refrigerator. It starts with one or two trails of ants, but in a day or two, if I don't manage to control them, the and trail has become several and they are all over the floor, the kitchen counters and the pantry. Killing them off isn't easy and eventually more of them come back. I have found pest control products that kill the ants, but the stuff is usually filled with harmful chemicals I don't feel safe having around my family. The ants eventually come back too. This year I sprayed them with Orange Guard and weeks later the ants haven't come back.

What about the roaches? Every summer large winged roaches like to creep into my house too. I hate roaches. I really really hate roaches. So I was more than happy to spray the Orange out of the Orange Guard on them. It's no surprise then that my 32 fl ounce bottle of OG was quickly gone. Unfortunately, it didn't work on them as well as I would have liked. First of all roaches are really fast insects. By the time I ran to get my Orange Guard Spray  bottle to kill a roach the roach was already gone. If the roach was still there one spray from the bottle and the roach would take off fast. Did it die? I have no idea. It took off too quickly to tell. On occasion I managed to spray a roach with Orange Guard enough so that it slowed the roach down enough for me to kill with a rag or a shoe. Why didn't I wait and see if it died, because if I did it would disappear. As a result I never saw a roach die immediately or eventually from Orange Guard, but I did see a slowing affect. On one occasion I trapped a roach, sprayed it, until it slowed down and then left the room for several minutes. When I came back I expected to see a dead roach, but instead it's as if I never sprayed it all. Did Orange Guard wear off? It definitely does not kill on contact, like it says on the the bottle.

I tried Orange Guard on flies too. No where on Orange Guard does it say that it kills flies, but I thought it couldn't hurt to try and see if it could. Flies like roaches move too quickly to see results. I find that my flyswatter always gives me great results.

About Orange Guard: "Orange Guard was created as an alternative to harsh chemical insecticides that contain hazardous contaminants which may lead to potential long-term health and environmental dangers. Since Orange Guard is non-toxic, it is safe to use around food, adults/children and pets and kills insects on contact, repelling them for weeks. The effectiveness of Orange Guard lies in the ingredient d-Limonene orange peel extract that is a natural repellant. It is a water-based, indoor and outdoor insecticide that exterminates ants, roaches, fleas, aphids, spider mites, leaf hoppers, and other insect pests. Recognized as safe by the FDA and is EPA registered, it leaves a pleasant citrus smell in the home rather than that harsh chemical smell that conventional insecticides often carry. Now you can control insects in and around your home without worrying about your family, your pets, and the environment!" For more information about Orange Guard visit the website here:

I really like the idea of using a non-toxic pest control product with a pleasant smell in my home, but I think Orange Guard may have to strengthen its formal a bit and test it out really well on those resilient roaches, before I'll buy it. Then again it did work on the ants... If the ants come back next year I'll give Orange Guard another chance.

Note: When spraying a bug on the floor Orange Guard leaves a slippery residue on the floor. So, it is important to clean up immediately after use to avoid any slip and falls.

Disclaimer: Orange Guard provided me with a free sample of this product to review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product. My opinions are my own.

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