Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Floral Flip N' Sip Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review
Convenient and safe reusable water bottles are important to me. I need an eco-friendly reusable bottle big enough to hold plenty of water. I don't want to have to refill it every five minutes, but I also want it small enough to easily carry in my hand, my kids' hands or in a bag. I want to be able to easily drink from the bottle too. So, the design of the bottle's cap also matters.  Enviro Products new designer series has a cap design that I really appreciate.

The review: I was sent one of the 20 oz. (600 ml) Floral Stainless Steel Water bottle from the new designer series to try and review. This water bottle isn't much different than most safe eco-friendly water bottles. It's lightweight and easy to carry. It's eco-friendly features include: #304 Food Grade Seriously Safe Stainless® and no hidden liners or Epoxy Resin. It is also BPA free.

However, the cap on the bottle is unique. The cap has a High Flow Flip N' Sip that allows my kids and I to quickly and easily drink from the bottle. We don't have to suck out or squeeze out the water in order to drink it. It flows out easily, but not excessively, just enough for a good sip.  Flip it up and quickly drink a sufficient amount of water, no spillage or embarrassment. Flip it down and it's closed, that quickly. Then put it in the bag and there is no spillage.  The grip on the cap is a great feature too. It makes it easier to carry and easier to open. The bottom of the grip has a bit of sharp edge and digs into the skin, but I plan on filing it down a bit to help reduce the sharpness.

Most caps for reusable water bottles are not as convenient as this one. For example, when pull-up caps are wet they are difficult to pull up and over time and use they become difficult to pull up at all. I often resort to using my teeth to pry them open. This leaves tooth marks on the cap and that's just a breeding zone for germs. Some pull up caps need double-checking; forget to push it down all the way and the water will spill out. Many pull up caps are low flow and it take forever to get a good sip.  Bottles with twist tops can sometimes be difficult to open, especially with sweaty hand or for kids and the elderly. During a workout when a quick sip is important, twist top bottles are frustrating to drink from because they take longer to open. Once open I have to worry about the wide mouth of the bottle. It makes it much easier to clean, but when in a hurry (during a workout) if I drink too quickly I'll spill it all over myself.

The durability: I’m rough on my bottles. My kids are too. We take them everywhere and we are clumsy with them. Most of our bottles have dents in them because we continue to drop them. I’ve only had this bottle for about a month and as much as I have dropped it already, I have yet to find any dents on it.

The concern: I'm not a big fan of painted reusable water bottles. Over time paint chips off or dulls. I haven't had my bottle more than a month and I can see the bottom of the bottle's paint already begin to chip. In my experience, this is a normal time frame for most reusable bottles with paints, but I would like to know what the paint is made with. Chipped paint is not something I want slipping into my kids or my water. I would also like to know how to clean or replace the flip/sip part of the cap. This is the part that touches the mouth. So, I think it is just as important it is as easy to clean as the bottle itself.

For more information on this bottle or any of the other eco-friendly products on the site visit the Enviro Products website

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