Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Miche Bags!

No doubt you've heard of the revolutionary purse called Miche and if you haven't I invite you to come out from under your rock to learn about my favorite new trend! If you have heard of Miche or want to learn more about Miche I invite you to check out opportunities with Miche, such as hosting a Miche party where your friends can purchase purses and you can earn free stuff! You can also become a retailer or a sales representative yourself.

Okay, okay - so what IS a Miche bag already?! Innovative creator Michelle Romero accidentally spilled on her favorite handbag one day and out of frustration thought, "Why can't I just change the outside of my purse instead of finding a new bag and having to transfer everything to a new bag?!"

Dun-dun! Light-bulb moment. So Michelle set out to create the first handbags with interchangeable designs, also called shells. You put everything into your base bag - your wallet, your keys, your planner, makeup - whatever! And whenever you change your outfit or feel like changing your purse with your mood VOILA! You simply take off the shell and replace it with a new one. They've got funky, fun designs and more chic, sophisticated designs to fit every personality.

How do the shells work? There are heavy-duty but credit card safe magnets that keep your shell in place. Some shells also slip onto the base for more of a "hobo" style or scrunched style of bag. My favorite are the latter because I really love the look of slouched bags!

I was recently sent the NEW Miche Mini bag base with The Kennedy shell. Isn't it beautiful?! 

I actually ended up wearing the purse with a solid teal colored top the other day and it looked so beautiful! Very bright and spring-like. The Mini isn't as small as I expected; it perfectly fits my wallet, keys, lipgloss and a pack of gum. I think I expected The Mini to be the size of a clutch but I'm glad it isn't because I don't use clutch purses. 

My mom-in-law keeps trying to steal my Miche bags. I have all three sizes - Mini, Standard and Big Bag. Almost everywhere I go people stop me and either ask where I got my bag or they exclaim, "Is that a Miche? Do you love it? I've always wanted one but wanted to meet someone who actually had one!"

Well I'm here, I'm real and I'm honest. I absolutely LOVE my Miche bags. These are the only bags I use now. Anytime I want to buy a new purse I just buy new shells instead. I love that I can store my shells more easily. Try fitting 20 purses into a closet compared to 20 flat shells; you SAVE space!

What I'm looking forward to from Miche in the coming months or years - wallets with interchangeable covers! I have no idea if those are in the works for the future so no spoilers from me as I just don't know anything to spoil. But I definitely vote for wallets!

The Shell I'm Crushing On Right Now,
The NEW Savannah for the Big Bag:

Find Miche on Twitter and on Facebook to learn about all the new products and innovative ideas!


I received a free Mini base and Mini shell for the purpose of this review. 

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