Friday, April 29, 2011

Mama Thoughts

Girly girl reader Erin say " I was born 29 years ago with 5 Congenital Heart Defects, and literally a 2% chance of survival ... I took that and ran with it :)  I am still here today because of the countless hours my mother spent with me in the hospital after having open heart surgery, the countless times she was my therapist, my psychologist, my doctor, my nurse, my friend, my cheerleader, the one who held my hand during every poke and procedure, she is the one who I leaned to while growing up differently than the other children.  She is my world, and I'm only in this world because of her and my dad's love and refusing to let me be a diagnoses not a person.  We have a very close relationship because of this and I want to honor her by answering this because I know there are millions of Special Needs Mother and every giggle is a mother's day for them, every smile is a mother's day for them, every good doctor's appointment is mother's day for them ... and everyday is mother's day for them because they know how close they came to be a childless mother!! "


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