Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mama Thoughts

Girly Girl reader ElizaBeth says "Being a mom means I have the hardest, most wonderful role in the whole world. It means I get to learn so many things I never knew I needed or wanted to know.(Seriously,with a budding train engineer, chef and artist in my house I'm always learning new ways trains influenced history and economics, tasting some new recipe or hearing about how one medium is better than another...) It means I'm learning to hold on just tight enough and knowing that one day I'll have to let them go. It means loving, with a sweet and gentle spirit even when its unreturned. It means long days, after sleepless nights fueled by coffee and well, the last bite of whatever was left on someone's plate because there's not time for something better. It means offering encouragement and discipline and knowing when to let the "natural consequences" be enough. It means that one day God gave me a little person He expects me to raise into part of the next godly generation... It means me heart is an everflowing well of love and a bottemless pit of heart ache. And I'd never trade a moment of it in to not be called Mom!"

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