Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mama Palooza Intelligender Giveaway! UPDATED

Winner - #16 LorahD

UPDATED 4/2011: We're having a baby girl!
UPDATED 7/2011 - Baby is NOT a girl! Baby is indeed a boy!!! First sono tech was wrong!

I was recently sent an Intelligender kit to review! The Intelligender kit is a kit you can use as early as 10 weeks to find out the gender of your baby. Now these tests are controversial (because of gender selection) but for women like me they can be fun. They are around 90% accurate. I've had many, many women tell me that it was accurate for them with only 1-2 women saying it was inaccurate.

In the past they've been slammed as a scam and I will admit I've been a skeptic! In the end I think it's just another fun thing to do when passing the time before your sonogram. The science is interesting and with so many accurate results it definitely has its appeal.

So you pee in a cup. Then you draw up your urine in a syringe and add it to a cup that contains the crystals that react to the urine and change it a color distinguishing one gender from another. A girl result is an orange color and a boy result is a dark green color. HERE is a link to some samples.

It was super fun to do and really easy! I had butterflies in my stomach as I waited for the result. It was just so fun and I think it is a great product for entertainment purposes.

My result? It said............ BOY! (Keep in mind I have three girls!)

The girl results, I've been told, are more accurate than the boy results. So it's definitely still up in the air! I'm hoping to get that gender scan the last weeks of April or the first week in May. I WILL update this exact post with the result of my sonogram to see if our Intelligender was correct!

You can buy Intelligender kits online or at your local pharmacies such as Walgreens or CVS and they're also available at Babies-R-Us.

One lucky reader is going to win her own Intelligender kit! You do not have to be pregnant to enter; would make a fun "Congrats you're pregnant" gift to a friend!

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 To Enter: Leave me a comment to let me know who this kit would be for if you won!

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Contest open to USA residents only!

Winner will be selected at random on April 16, 2011. 
I do check to make sure all comments are legit and that you've done what is asked for the entries.


I did receive a free product from Intelligender for the purpose of this review.


  1. This would be for my sis, who will likely be pregnant this year!

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  6. i follow on facebook :) i hope i win this for my sis:)

  7. This would be for Auntie Mel Mel who just told us she is pregnant!! At 39 years old and fineally recovered from her gastric bypass her body is capable of giving them the child they have wanted for a long time!

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    Nicole Hatch

  9. this would be for ME!! Sssshhhh no onw knows

  10. I have 3 boys i used Intelligender with my laast pregnancy and it was right, a now i have 3 boys...HOPING this will be my GIRL

  11. The kit would be for me! We have 2 girls and are VERY curious what our baby is! :)

  12. The test would be for me, Im 10 weeks prego!

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