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Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat Review

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When I write a review I try to always balance my feedback with things I like about a product and things I think should change or be improved in a product. However, every-now-and-then I get a product to review that I absolutely love and can't find much to improve or change about it. The Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat is one of these products. It is one of my favorite products ever to review. 

When I first read about the Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat I was intrigued and very interested, but at the same time skeptical about trying it. I wasn't skeptical that it was eco-friendly, but that the mat would have the healing benefits it was claimed to have. Would this little old mat really relax my back neck and shoulders or could it relieve tension in my neck jaw and face? Could it even remotely improve my mood and boost my energy?

My mat
In short... I am addicted to the mat. I cannot go to bed without using it. Well I can, but not without missing the mat. When I use the mat before going to sleep (sometimes accidentally falling asleep on it) I wake up and my back and mind feel so relaxed. I feel rested and ready to tackle another stressful day even if the night before I stayed up late. My sleep is deeper and I don't toss and turn as much either. 

During my testing of the mat I used it on my back, neck, legs, and even lying chest down on it too. Lying face up or down I have found that using the mat has relaxed me into sleep. Using it under my legs and rear at one point helped me relieve my fatigued and achy muscles. I never quite caught on how it worked with the feet. I felt strange just standing in the middle of the mat in the middle of the room, but I will continue to try it. 

I never used the mat on my bare skin. That mat stimulation points are too sharp for that, but I could comfortably use it with the clothes I had on. A towel between the mat and skin is suggested, but I found my towels to be too thick to get the full affect. 

How sharp are the points? The points are not needle or nail sharp, but sharp enough to stick you if you aren't paying attention. This did happen to me in the very beginning when I began to use it. Distracted and speaking to my husband as I reached back to readjust the mat behind me I stuck my pinky. It wasn't pleasant, but I got over it quick. This mat is worth it. I just make sure to roll it up, pack it in the mat and move it out of the way when I'm not using it. 

If I were to change anything I would make the mat bag a little easier to use. I don't like the narrow opening of the bag. I have to roll the mat tight in order to get it in the bag. What would I change about the mat? I'd like a longer mat. I found that a few times I wanted to use it all at once from head to toe. I don't know if it would work as well this way, but I would have loved to have tried. 

The mat takes a little getting use to but with a little patience it works wonders and I say that after using it only for a little over a month. I'm delighted that on top of its healing affect that mat is also eco-friendly as healing product should be in my opinion. How green is it? The mat is made of 55% organic hemp, 45% organic cotton, recycled non-toxic ABS plastic (stimulation points). Even the foam inside is eco-friendly.

Want one? Spoonk Space will be sponsoring a Spoonk Mat giveaway in April during Mama Palooza. So, keep your eyes peeled for this awesome giveaway! For more information visit their website

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