Monday, December 20, 2010

Mondays with Monica- Loving Pets Review

Hey everyone! So I know I have mentioned my husband Chris and little girl Penelope in several of my past posts but today I am going to introduce to you another member of our little family.

 His name is Mr. Rat and he is our 11 year old cat. Mr. Rat originally belonged to me. I got him when he was just a wee lil' kitten and has since become Chris's cat and Penelope's furry friend. He is such an awesome cat very affectionate and we love him. Through the years I have moved around a lot and Mr Rat has always been with me. In fact he is quite the seasoned traveler, he has lived in 6 states and has even traveled out of the country! During our most recent move back to Alaska we lost his food bowls in the process of moving. I had been feeding him in Tupperware containers, which I am sure this finicky feline found very unfashionable. Then a couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review a Dolce Dish from Loving Pets. Loving Pets offers 100% natural treats and quality accessories for your pet. All their pet treats are tested in the US to be sure your four footed family member is receiving high quality ingredients that are healthy and free of any harmful contaminants. Their accessories which include several different food dishes as well as a canister to hold yummy treats in are all made with the highest quality materials that are toxin free. Loving Pets really does care about the health of your Pet.

Now back to the Dolce Dish...I was given my choice of colors and I chose the Pesto Green because it matches well with the decor  of our home. The bowl comes in two sizes pint and quart and the pint size I received is perfect for Mr. Rat's appetite. One of the main things that I absolutely love about this dish, besides how attractive it is, is that it does not move around. With the last bowl we had Mr. Rat would push it around with his paw and nose to try to get at his food (or maybe just to annoy me) and it made a mess all over the place. The skid free rubber ring on the base of this bowl insures that this does not happen. This really is a product made well.

To check out the other products that Loving Pets has to offer as well as find a store near you that carries these items visit Loving Pets online.

Until next time kitty says "Mreeoww, meow, purrrr". Translation: Have a Very Merry Christmas!


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