Monday, September 13, 2010

Miche Bag

You may have seen the infomercials or may have seen the ads on a website. Have you ever wondered, "Are Miche bags really all they're cracked up to be? Is it worth it? Are they made with quality materials?"

Miche creates and sells designer handbags at such affordable prices you'll be astounded!

I just received a Miche bag to review so I think I'm going to be able to answer some of your questions! And by the end of this post you may have added a Miche to your Christmas wish list. And psssst... these are created by women and for women!

What is Miche? It is a standard, plain base bag on the inside... but has credit card safe magnets sewn inside so you can change the outer shell of your bag to fit your style or your mood! I cannot believe that no one has thought of this before! A bag that can transform into something totally different by simply slipping off one shell and replacing it with a new one.

Yes, you heard me! You don't have to dump everything out of your bag into a new one. You don't have to fill your closet with oodles of bags that take up all your room. Instead you can have ONE bag and many different shells to change the look of your bag.

So you may start off your week with a more chic, clean look like this gorgeous Erica shell...

...and end the week up with the playful, retro Ashley

I received one standard base and two shells. The shells I received where Chloe and Hayley. The Chloe is actually more of an orange than a yellow. These shells are SO much prettier in real life. They are durable and do not look or feel cheap. The creators take great care to find affordable but quality materials so you get a designer-style bag that is functional and fits any budget!

How did they stand up to the testing? The magnets are incredibly strong. My shells do not slip off. In fact they are also designed to hug the base of the bag. I get compliments and women crowding around me to check out this bag EVERY SINGLE TIME I go out. They want to know where to get one and how it works! 

Here is a view of the inside of the small base (which is not small but a standard size purse):

The base is stiff and sturdy, which I love. It fits everything I need perfectly. There are stretchy pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the other. The best feature of the stiff base is that you can get a slouchy shell (slouch bags are so in right now) but without your bag deflating the moment you set it down. Everyone I know that has a slouchy-style bag looses everything in those because they collapse on themselves! Well no longer with Miche! Get the look and keep your bag organized!

Did I mention you can also change the handles on it? Check out the Accessories section of the website to see the handles you can switch out on your bag so your bag matches perfectly all around.

So the next time you want to spend $30 or more on a bag just get a new shell for your Miche! Save yourself some closet space by laying your shells flat on a shelf or drawer.

Finally I want to point out that you can host your own Miche Home Party so you can see the bags for yourself and earn prizes! Use the Store Locator to find local retailers who sell Miche in their stores.

Pictures courtesy of The review presented in this post is based on my personal and honest experience with the free product I received.

Joy is a stay-at-home-mom to three daughters. She is the wife of a worship leader & youth pastor. She runs her own Etsy shop selling handmade, hand-stamped sterling jewelry. Joy has taken courses in journalism, play writing, poetry, was in Honors English throughout school and has had small publications made of her work (mostly poetry).

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  1. This looks like such a great handbag! I am going to keep this in mind for Christmas presents.


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