Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss Me?!

Oh my goodness I have been a bad blogger! Bad, bad! I went on vacation and forgot to leave a note here to let you all know. We have two giveaways going on that will end this upcoming week so make sure you enter (see the top of the right sidebar for the list of current giveaways). Even if you think, "Oh I'll never win!" you may be pleasantly surprised. Win something for yourself or to give as a friend. I have a TON of first-time winners who've never won anything before they found my blog so enter!

I have tons of amazing stuff lined up starting Monday so stay tuned! I will make up for this lost time, I promise.

What have you been doing this summer? School is about to start- are you excited? I know I am excited! My oldest Girly Girl is going to go into Kindergarten on Monday and we're all bursting at the seams in excitement!!!

PS Do you like the blog background?! I really cleaned up the blog and I hope it looks a little less chaotic. Blogger now has so many different ways to customize your blog! Give it a try today!!! It was seriously so fun and I already have my fall background picked out. Yes, I'm a dork!

Joy is a stay-at-home-mom to three daughters. She is the wife of a worship leader & youth pastor. She runs her own Etsy shop selling handmade, hand-stamped sterling jewelry. Joy has taken courses in journalism, play writing, poetry, was in Honors English throughout school and has had small publications made of her work (mostly poetry) .


  1. Love the new layout. Looks very clean and organized. Plus everything is really easy to read.;)

  2. So good to have you back!! Did you enjoy your vavation?? Where did you go?? Post some pics, please!!! the new easy to navigate around your site now!


  3. Glad you're back and I do like the new background. Very clean. =)


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